DR. TNA: Welcome to the Congregation

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If you read last week’s column you will remember I was not very enthused with that episode.  This week is a different story.  There is still reason to be uneasy about what the story line with Abyss may be in the future, but this episode was very solid.

My fears from last week regarding the potential story line for Abyss were not put to rest.  However, Abyss did stay off the mic, a good thing given his character’s direction at his point.  Also, Sting and Dixie Carter had a very interesting exchange that gives one a bit of hope that perhaps Abyss’s rants are more tied to Sting than the crazy voice’s in his head, despite the title of the episode.  In addition to these two positives, much of this episode was quite good.

To recap, a few of the highlights were: a great match between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, a high impact match officated by RVD between Jeff Hardy and Abyss – followed by an Abyss rampage, and a surprisingly good match between the Motor City Machine Guns and Ink Inc.  However, the take away that has the most upside for TNA, may have been the return of the Pope.

For all of the TNA fans out there, you are likely already quite familiar with the Pope, D’Angelo Dinero.  However, if you are not a regular TNA viewer, are a recent convert who may have started watching during his injury absence, or if you somehow spend a LOT of time in the bathroom during TNA shows and happened to have somehow managed to not familiarize yourself with him, do yourself a favor and watch the clip below.  It’s a dated clip, but a good match with another TNA young gun, Desmond Wolfe.

I am going to be careful not to subject you to a lot of hyperbole.  However, the Pope, in my humble opinion, is one of the best young wrestlers out there today, in any organization.  He has been absent from TNA in recent weeks and his return is nothing short of a blessing for TNA and their fans.  He is the rare combination of athleticism and personality that is not often seen, yet is always in demand. 

Attention TNA creative – the congregation wants to see the Pope featured extremely prominently.

Thankfully, TNA creative seems to be as excited to see the Pope return as many of his fans are.  If you didn’t watch Thursday, you may be asking who the Pope is matching up with upon his return.  I’ll give you a clip and a hint.  The hint is he may have an Olympic Gold Medal.

Admittedly, this column is shaping up like it was written by a cheerleader girl talking about the quarterback, but seriously, if you can’t be excited about the Pope versus Kurt Angle you are not much of a wrestling fan. 

Typically, it is difficult to market a match without a clear “heel” versus “face” matchup.  However, I think the popularity and skill possessed by these two wrestlers may make the typical face-heel rivalry unnecessary.  These two wrestlers are extremely skilled in the ring and extremely liked by the fans.  The two of them meeting at the next pay per view, and the build up that will happen prior to that event, spells good TV for TNA fans. 

Given that, I’m willing to put aside my Abyss fears for the time being and encourage others to do the same.  For now, I suggest we stand with the congregation and watch what I expect will be one hell of a show.

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