Rock Band Weekly Update: The Vines & Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Here are the tracks that will be available for download next week in the Rock Band Music Store:

The Vines Pack 01
·The Vines – “Get Out”
·The Vines – “He’s a Rocker”
·The Vines – “Orange Amber” (Lego)
·The Vines – “Outtathaway” (Lego)
·The Vines – “Ride”

Individual Tracks
·Sweet Billy Pilgrim – “Future Perfect Tense” (Lego)

All tracks will be on all platforms on Tuesday July 13. Songs marked ‘(Lego)’ will also be available in the Lego Rock Band store.

All tracks are $2 a piece (160 XBL points, 200 Nintendo points, & $1.99 on PSN store). The Vines Track Pack 01 will be available for $8.50 (680 XBL points, 850 Nintendo points, & $8.49 on PSN store).

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