10 Thoughts on TNA Victory Road 2010 feat. Flair vs Lethal, RVD vs Hardy vs Anderson vs Abyss

Hello friends. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I am actually doing a write up for a TNA pay per view. My wife was gone all day yesterday and due to the extra time on my hands (and buildup that, by TNA standards, was decent), I decided to watch the show. On my blog right now, you can see a feature about TNA’s tendency to leave money on the table. That’s all at itswilltime.wordpress.com. Now on with the thinking!

1. Why was the first match an Ultimate X match? There was no point to it. They barely used the structure and easily could have just had a submission match. Douglas Williams is a quality act as X Division champion. Now they just need to build the rest of the division.

2. At this point in their careers, does anyone want to see Brother Rey vs Brother D-Von? I know that I don’t. This was not a bad match, but you can see how much the crowd cares about it: in the middle of and right after the match, they stopped paying attention to the ring and decided to cheer for the washed up has beens that were sitting in the crowd.

3. Speaking of those has beens, isn’t it time for TNA to make their “Extreme” faction happen? They have been teasing it for a month and there has been no development, aside from just sitting in the stands. Laziest storyline development ever.

4. Remember when the Knockouts title match was actually a selling point to pay per views? That was not the case tonight. How cheap does Angelina Love look as a face when she was willing to win the championship from a DQ tonight and a Lockbox a few months ago? That is not the way to give a face a convincing and dominating win.

5. Did anyone else notice that anytime Samoa Joe was in the tag team match the fans loved it, but the second he tagged in Rob Terry the match died?

6. The “Fortune” stable needs a lot more excitement behind it. I don’t care who is in it and do not believe that it will be anything close to what the Four Horsemen or Evolution were.

7. TNA should be limited to one structure based match per pay per view. Ultimate X and the Steel Cage (that I miss being called 6 sides of steel) seemed like overkill.

8. Jay Lethal and Ric Flair put on an okay match. I would love to see Lethal now break away from the “Mom” gimmick and start to be tougher. This was a big moment for Lethal. I just wish Flair being in the ring meant more than it does. I was into this story, but he can be so much more for this company.

9. I was worried when I saw the double pin in the tag team championship match. The restart had me breathing a sigh of relief. The Motor City Machine Guns deserved this win and their legitimate emotion at winning a major tag team championship was a great touch. This was the moment of the show.

10. Kurt Angle promising to retire if he lost one match on his way up the ladder in TNA completely killed the drama of his match with The Pope. For more on this, check out my blog at itswilltime.wordpress.com.

Since this was a three hour show and I’m not finished, you get bonus thoughts!

11. Did anyone really need to see another four way main event on pay per view this month?

12. Rob Van Dam has the worst entrance theme in wrestling. That’s right, there is music that I hate more than R-Truth’s.

13. It might be a spectacular spot, but I am over seeing a Tower of Doom in every multiple man match. It’s time to retire that one.

14. The announcers seemed a little too subdued during this match for my tastes. The implosion of Hardy and Anderson was just kind of mentioned by them, when it should have been a major moment that the match built up to.

15. Does anyone really believe that Abyss will actually land a shot with his new weapon? There is no way a wrestler would take that. His attack on RVD after the match led me to believe that they will be main eventing Hard Justice, which leads me to believe that I will not be watching Hard Justice.

16. The Hard Justice commercial really makes the event sound like a pornographic film.

That’s all for me on this show folks! I hope you didn’t mind me going over the allotted thoughts in this show. I’ll be back tonight with 10 Thoughts on Raw. In the mean time, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

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