Nicola Scott joins J.T. Krul on Teen Titans

As DC works to stablize some of its properties, comes word that Nicola Scott will be the penciller on the J.T. Krul penned Teen Titans. 😀

J.T. Krul is thrilled with this news:

“When [editor] Rachel Gluckstern and I started formulating a plan for Teen Titans and the discussion turned to artists, Nicola Scott was at the top of both our lists. No joke. I had marveled at her work in the past on Birds Of Prey and Secret Six, but it was her work on Blackest Night: Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman that really catapulted her to the top of what I must say is an incredible heap of talented artists at DC. She just gets it. Character. Emotion. Action. Nicola is what I like to call a TP – total package. Having her usher in a new age of Teen Titans is going to be something special. And this cover to our first issue is the tip of the iceberg – trust me. Oh, and wait until you see her take on Damian. That’s right, I said it. What would Teen Titans be without a Robin.”

Nicola is equalled pleased with the pairing:

When Rachel approached me about the title, told me JT was writing and who was on the team, I was sold! JT’s nailed it: Character, tone, direction. He has blown me away. We’re just wrapping up the first (bumper sized) issue and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out. And, lucky me, I was able to bring Doug Hazlewood (inker) and Jason Wright (colorist) along for the ride.

See the DC Source Blog for more on this great news.

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One Fan’s Thoughts

As you may know, I am a huge fan of the Teen Titans and JSA. It is no surprise that both books have had problems of late engaging me and other fans. JT Krul has proven himself with his Blackest Night: Titans mini-series work. He gets the titans and seems to have a grasp of their storied history. Nicola Scott is one of the hottest and most underrated pencillers in the business. Her work on Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman were breathtaking. THIS is a great creative team for Teen Titans and this fan hopes this leads to a renaissance for the franchise.

DC, Dan Didio, whowever is responsible for this, kudos to you!

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