ECW / EV2 / TNA Impact Spoilers For August 5

– Tommy Dreamer calls out Raven after being attacked by him last week. Raven says he did it because he has been waiting to get back at Dreamer for stealing his girlfriend and marrying her. Dreamer jumps him but Abyss gets involved. Rob Van Dam makes the save and brawls with Abyss. Raven DDTs Dreamer on the stage. Mick Foley comes out to help Dreamer and announces he will be the referee for the Final Showdown between Raven and Dreamer at Hardcore Justice.

– Hamada & Taylor Wilde beat Lacey Von Erich & Velvet Sky to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Madison Rayne and Biker Chick distract the defending champions before the finish.

– A.J. Styles beats Rob Terry to retain the TNA Television Title.

– Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are held back from one another by security backstage.

– Motor City Machine Guns beat Beer Money in an Ultimate X match to tie the Best of 5 Series at 2-2. Beer Money has the upper hand but Robert Roode is afraid of heights and James Storm is too drunk, so neither man can climb the cables. Alex Shelley grabs the X as Roode gets crotched on the cable at the finish.

– Hulk Hogan announces that Eric Bischoff will be the referee for the Rob Van Dam vs Abyss, ‘Stairway to Janice’ match on the 8/12 Impact. The show will also have the final MCMG vs Beer Money match, Ken Anderson vs Da Pope, Kurt Angle vs A.J. Styles and an open challenge by Jeff Hardy. Kevin Nash comes out and lays out Eric Bischoff. He goes face-to-face with Hogan and takes him out too. Jeff Jarrett turns up but then Sting shows up in red, Wolfpac-style facepaint to knock out Jarrett. Nash and Sting leave together.

– Da Pope beats Orlando Jordan. Eric Young is wandering around collecting the money that fell from the rafters during Pope’s entrance, which distracts Jordan for the pin. Matt Morgan attacks Pope but Anderson makes the save. Pope argues with Anderson, as do the TNA Security Guards from last week.

– Ric Flair beats Jay Lethal in a Street Fight when Douglas Williams pushes Lethal’s leg off the ropes for the pin. The stipulations were that if any of Fortune interfered then Flair would be suspended for 90 days. Flair gets busted open and stripped down during the match, at the end wearing only his underwear and one sock.

– Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer beat Raven & Abyss after RVD hit the frogsplash on Raven. Abyss attacked them afterwards but the EV2 guys made the save. Abyss kept fighting but then the lights went out. When they came back on, Sandman was in the ring and cleared it out with the cane.

– After the show went off the air, Enter Sandman played and all the EV2 crew and Hulk Hogan had a beer bash in the ring.

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