Van Lente tasked for Taskmaster series for Marvel this September

Fred Van Lente talks about his upcoming Taskmaster mini-series and shares some preview pics. I always liked the character, but always thought he should have a larger profile in Marvel. Now, it looks like this mini-series is coming at a perfect time during a villain-centric comics explosion.

Here’s some of Van Lente had to say on the project:

The plot of “Taskmaster” involves the title character paying the price for his career choices and being forced to discover who he was before he became a costumed super villain for hire. “Taskmaster is a professional criminal. He’s not someone who is really interested in conquering the world. He’s interested in charging would-be world conquerors exorbitant fees to train them and their goons. Then, of course, he’s someone who has been known to train heroes as well. I believe he was among the initial good guy staff of Camp Hammond. I believe he also trained USAgent, John Walker, when he became Captain America. Taskmaster’s loyalty is to whomever is writing his checks that day,” Van Lente explained. “And, unfortunately, that comes back to bite him in the ass because a rumor begins to circulate that the reason he was able to escape from Asgard at the end of ‘Siege’ is that he’s turned traitor. He supposedly now works for Steve Rogers. So the evil organizations of the world: HYDRA, the Maggia, A.I.M., the Sons of the Serpent, the Hand – all of them are out to kill him because there’s a billion dollar bounty on his head. They feel that if he turns on them, the amount of evidence he has would destroy their entire organizations. So Taskmaster needs to figure out who’s spreading these rumors about him and why. That requires him to figure out who he really is.”

Source: CBR

More pics and more interview through the link above.


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