Spoiler Warnings: How Far Does Tim Drake Go To Protect His Identity In Red Robin #15 By Fabian Nicieza And Marcus To?

Discovering that Vicki Vale has figured out the secret identities of the core Bat group from Bruce, to Dick, to Tim, and even Barbara, Tim finds himself needing to do something about it. Taking advantage of his other plans, the capturing of super villains off of his hit list, as well as the need to take down the two dirty cops that have been a thorn in his side since his previous series.

Holding a press conference as Tim Drake, Detectives Wise and Cavallo hire an assassin known as the Scarab (who once fought Stephanie “Batgirl” Brown during her brief run as Robin) to kill him. As Scarab prepares to take the shot we see Red Robin behind her, and the second the shot is fired he’s disabled her hand and is on her, fighting her into a trap he set to capture her.

Tim was shot clear through the middle and is rushed to surgery. Leslie Thompkins bursts in and says that Bruce Wayne has given orders that no one can operate on Tim but her. With the operating room clear of everyone but Leslie and Tam Fox (Tim’s kinda fiancee who is aware of his double identity) Tim shape changes into Ms. Martian, as Red Robin comes out from the shadows. The plan worked, as Red Robin was seen battling Scarab trying to prevent the assassination of Tim Drake, which should disrupt any trail Vicki might be following.

But that isn’t enough for Tim, seriously, it’s not. See, he was shot at a press conference, people saw it, lots of people. So now Tim Drake is faking a spinal injury and rehab to protect his double life as Red Robin.

I’m kind of amazed Bruce never thought to do that after Bane broke his back, he could have totally sold that and nobody would have ever suspected him!

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