10 Thoughts Review on GI Joe #157 by Larry Hama and Agustin Padilla

1. This is the second issue of the GI Joe by Hama that picks up after his Marvel run ended years back. Apparently, Cobra is the security service of America and Joes are hunted. Time to strike back!

2. There is absolutely no need to worry about Hama pulling a Claremont here. This guy has lost nothing off his fastball in the years since he wrote the book originally.

3. Stalker, an original Joe, starts off utterly wrecking a Cobra sniper by luring him in close and using his transport to get back home. Bad… ass. Some random foot soldier is not talking out freakin’ Stalker.

4. Cobra Commander is so in charge and as mad and bad ass as ever.

5. Which is almost as cool as Destro and Dr. Mindbender realizing the dead Dr. Venom has brainwashed Billy, Cobra Commander’s Storm Shadow trained ninja son who whups on Baroness, then hooks up with her. Destro will not be pleased.

6. Storm Shadow carefully hunting Snake Eyes is bound to lead to an awesome confrontation between them, as his student has no idea what he’s up against and the other foot soldiers end up just being cannon fodder. You don’t fight an Arishakage ninja using conventional methods, especially not Snake Eyes.

7. Rock & Roll’s escape is cool in that the Cobras don’t care if they blow their cover because of how many of them he’s killed, but better is his rescue by Hawk, who seems to treat this like just another mission. He’s too cool for this noise.

8. The Joes are willing to break their cover to stop red necks from killing Mexican Americans. That’s why their good guys- military with a moral code. Snake Eyes, Duke and Scarlett showing up is a damn good reason to just stop being bad all together. Even in GI Joe, they’re elite.

9. I cannot freaking wait for Flint, Bazooka, Heavy Duty and the others to try and get to the rendevous point. This is pure badassery.

10. Rating: 8/10 – Whether you were a child in the 80s, liked the movie, or just like things that are aweosme, this book is simply great and should be read. Soldiers of fortune, ninja fights, mad plans, mind control and a compelling reason for all of them. Yo Joe!

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