Writer Brian Q. Miller talks Batgirl plus Artist Dustin Nguyen news

Not too much out of San Diego about Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. However, what little there is includes a thank you from the book’s writer and indications of small additions to the book,

What was heard:

Among other plans for Batgirl, like building a rogues’ gallery, Miller says she will get a “car and a dog.” “Thanks everybody for supporting Stephanie in the first year,” Miller said.

Um, perhaps DC should hype this book a bit more? Really, THAT is the news out of San Diego on Batgirl?

Oh, there was more?

[Artist Dustin] Nguyen says he’s working on Streets of Gotham, and will be doing upcoming covers for Batgirl.

I guess that’s more news. Seems underwhelming though.

Oh, there was that Q & A stuff too:

Question about Batgirl and Tim Drake’s relationship led Miller to saying they had to remain separate so Batgirl could become more of her own character, though they might encounter each other at some point in the future.


Last question! For Miller: will Batgirl continue to “prove herself” to the Batman family? Miller said that year two will be more about the “training wheels being off” for the character, with less interaction between her and other Batman characters in general.

Interesting. More self-contained stories for Batgirl. I wonder if that will help or hinder her book?

Anyone out there liking the current book?

Source: Newsarama

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