SCOOP: White Lantern Variants combined reveal Brightest Day future by Geoff Johns & Peter Tomasi?

Well, seeing all the different White Lantern variants by Ryan Sook recently I got to thinking they were part of a puzzle. And sure enough, they are. After playing with the covers this proved to be an interlocking cover puzzle, but not the usual kind.

Check out the below image and click on it for a large version.

Brightest Day 7 Variant – Aquaman
JL: Generation Lost Variant 7 – Max Lord
Birds of Prey Variant – Hawk
Titans 26 Variant – Osiris

Another 8 to go!

You can see that they backdrop appear to be related to the Entities of the various corps (white entity and parallax so far). Future white lantern variants will likely fill in the puzzle. However, is this just a neat picture OR does this reveal the conclusion of Geoff Johns’ current Entities arc in Green Lantern or something else related to Brightest Day? An Entities War embroiling our returned 12?

Speculate away!

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