More on Stan Lee's Starborn by Chris Roberson & Khary Randolph

More news out of San Diego about Stan Lee’s BOOM projects:

“It’s his acclaimed return to the super-hero genre and a chance for the man who co-created some of the greatest comic book characters in history to work hand-in-hand with two of those writers down there to try and figure out what a hero in the 21st century is like,” said Waid.

The first of the three new titles previewed was “Starborn,” which will be released in December.

Written by Chris Roberson and drawn by Khary Randolph, “Starborn” is the story of a typical guy who discovers that he is the lost son of an evil alien dictator and the heir to an alien empire.

“He will be fighting the rag-tag group of freedom fighters that overthrew the empire, but now they’ve just become the establishment,” said Roberson. “And then hilarity ensues.”

Source: CBR


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