East of Gotham Heroclix Edition: Ranking the New Marvel Web of Spider-Man Set

Released the first week of September, the dials of the new set were spoiled at GenCon. Here’s a ranking of the figures in the set.

65. Mary Jane, 15 points. The Spider-Man team ability and Willpower are all she has. What the heck would I ever use that for?

64. Martin Stone, 48 points. I love PD Characters, but with a whole 4 range, what’s the point? There are cheaper guys to use Contingency Plan on, and his attack boost to PD figures isn’t even frontloaded. I will never, ever use this guy.

63. Will-O’-the-Wisp, 54 points. Phasing with toughness make for good tie up, then Super Strength and Invulnerability add some lasting power, and finally falling back with Mind Control and Energy Shield give some late options, but with Zero Range and no mobility after Phasing for the first two clicks, I’m not sure what I’d ever really use him for.

62. Prowler, 50 points. 4 Range Psychic Blast is a waste, even with Spider-Man TA. With only 2 damage, why bother?

61. Hammer Elite Operative, 48 points. Nowhere near as good as the regular Agent for 15 points more, he gets 2 damage, but boosts that’s value with running shot and stealth for when Norman or Iron Patriot are around. 48 points is too much for only 4 clicks of life with 2 damage, even with toughness.

60. Spot, 51 pts. That’s a lot of points to flurry and teleport around with 1 damage.

59. Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot/Green Goblin, 66 pts. For just Outwit and Mastermind? No thank you. You don’t even get to choose which Alter Ego you become, a huge problem since Green Goblin is Super Rare. He’s so much worse than AE Bruce Wayne it isn’t close and he’s 18 points more.

58. Nurse, 10 points. A healer for 10 points would be great… with an 8 attack. Her 7 just isn’t doing it.

57. Code Blue Officer, 24 points. 3 more points gets you the Gotham Detective with the same TA. Smoke cloud and toughness have their uses, but 15 defense makes this guy dead fast, even if a higher point cop is around to give him Willpower.

56. Mugger, 16 points. Mobile hindering terrain via stealth and an 8 attack mean he could serve uses. Not being keyword friendly really hurts.

55. Vapor, 79 pts. The worst SR in the set. 4 range won’t do, even when she gets a defense boost of 2 for smoke cloud use and teleports when they’re removed. No damage and no real other support make her a quirky piece more than anything else.

54. Spider-Man, 90 pts. The brick figure is a transporter so he can move and attack, but with a gigantic base, he’s really hard to play anywhere but the most open of maps.

53. Molten Man, 82 points. Charge with 3 damage is good, as are nearly a full dial of Poison and Invulnerability splitting the dial with Toughness. He’s a good tie up piece to be sure, as the plasticity and steady damage show, who’s damage reducers make him a tough kill. If he was 20 points less, all of that would mean a whole lot more. There’s a lot harder to hit guys up this list with Blades and multiple ways to make you miss for a lot less cost. Hell, Ironclad is 8 points less.

52. Rocket Racer, 60 points. This Spider-Ally ignores the effects of everything but indoor walls and indoor blocking on movement, allowing him to zoom around picking off anyone without Invulnerability class reducers thanks to Hypersonic, 9 attack and move, 2 damage and 6 range. He’d zoom as effortlessly up the list if his defense weren’t Combat Reflexes, since he should never be based.

51. Spider-Hulk, 141 pts- Starts out as a solid Spidey with Incap, 3 damage, Leap Climb and Super Senses, before becoming Invulnerable and having ever rising defense and damage numbers. He’s good for swarms since he can quake and wreck elevated terrain, but that’s really it.

50. Warpath, 70 points. The least quality of the new X-Force, Warpath can use a lot of Stealth and Blades for big damage early. Later he keeps stealth and can smash with Close Combat Expert for 4 damage or fall back and Psychic Blast for 2. These are good options, and that first click with Invulnerability is nice… but he has super speed, yet no charge, Super Strength, yet only 1 click of that, and after that nice 17 defense up front, he absolutely plummets all the way down to a 15. He’s cheap enough to still be useful, but not quite good.

49. Vermin, 43 points. His first click is a waste, even with charge- 2 damage won’t get it done, but he can be pushed to Blades and suddenly a special power that deals 1 damage to anyone in hindering 2 squares around him isn’t so bad. His third click, where he gains stealth makes that better. He can die fast, but with Super Senses he might not, and at a mere 43 points, odds are he’ll do more than his own value.

48. Firestar, 81 points. If only the Psychic Blast came before the Energy Explosion on her dial or she had two targets, she’d be great. 19 defense at range is good, but only a 9 attack with EE means she probably isn’t making her 3 damage stick. Running Shot only shows up in the second spot on the dial, as well, so that first click is basically a waste. Her special power, absorbing Pulse Wave and EE, is nice, but since it isn’t top dial, I remain skeptical. At least she’s Avengers for Free Move and Spider-Ally for some Wildcard goodness. She’s not very good, but can be useful.

47. Jackal, 62 points. He gives adjacent characters with the same name Shape Change, and boosts anyone with the same name as an ally on the other team by 2 attack and 1 damage. Add in some outwit and perplex for a good team player, if a situational one.

46. Scorpion, 62 points. The first click where he can do 5 damage with a heavy object is nice, but unfortunately a 16 defense and only leap climb don’t protect it. Still, when hit he’ll hand on his 2 square quake special. Add in some Exploit Weakness and Plasticity and you have fairly dangerous tie up… there’s just much, much better for this cost in the set.

45. Cardiac, 67 points. I hate 4 range. With even a 6, he rockets up the list. Energy Explosion with a 2 knockback is awesomely useful, as are three damage and Invulnerability. Even the late dial support is really good, but having to be within 4 to do any of it is just dangerous and limiting. At least he can taxi to get close and keep someone in front of him.

44. Iron Patriot, 150 pts. For 150 points, I’d better get more than 1 click of 10 attack and opening 3 damage with nothing to modify it. Impervious is nice, running shot is great, especially with Psychic Blast, but without either the Outwit or 4 damage front loaded, this guy just falls way, way short of the figures in his range from recent sets like Dr. Strange, Namor, Hercules, Balder, Phyla Vell and even Heimdall. He’s good and playable, just nothing rare or special at all, which pales in comparison to those above who all have at least one awesome trick up their sleeves

43. Carnage, 152 points. His top dial is sweet with charge for 4 damage and 17 defense Toughness. In fact, the full dial of Toughness is good, but 17 isn’t so hard to hit and those values tank fast. The attack stays high and the Charge gives way to Leap Climb for some nice mobility, but the real star here is his Special Powers. Blades and Flurry is great, but it’s better with Steal Energy, which he has in combination far less than I’d like. All but Blades are part of one Special Power, but that power overlaps with the situational Quake for three clicks, leaving that great combination for only two. A lot of people are happy about the ranged Blades as well, but with only 4 range… this guy is just going to die too fast for his points. So close to perfect, too.

42. Spider-Man, 95 points. Black Suit Spidey would give his kingdom for first click Charge. Trait driven Stealth and Leap Climb are great, but this guy cries out for Pounce or Lunge to make his 3 damage actually able to hit with Exploit Weakness. I have no idea how the strongest normal Spidey gets no Super Strength, but he does get Incapacitate that works with Webbing… which would be great if both didn’t serve primarily the same purpose. Good damage potential and Stealth really save this figure who could have been so much more… or at least so much more reasonably costed.

41. Venom, 87 points. Man, move and attack must be expensive because there is no way this guy is better, even without being 14 points more expensive, than the Hammer of Thor Venom. 10 Move Charge with Super Strength for 5 damage potential is great, as is toughness up top with Steal Energy below, good attack values, and stead damage, but he has the least useful webbing (after a TK option 1 attack, wasting items he’d need for super strength, stealth on the second click, a weak four range, and none of the tie up potential of his immediate predecessor from HoT who had blades, plasticity, leap climb, shape change, super senses, flurry and steal energy. This guy? Second rate. I know he’s a different character, but shouldn’t Brock be better with the symbiote than Gargan?
Mysterio, 75 pts. The cost for probability control for the Syndicate isn’t bad, but the real benefit here is that when this stealthed character uses smoke cloud, he shuts down Indomitable, Willpower, and Super Senses for anyone in his hindering terrain. His swap places special can be really useful late game, as well.

40. J. Jonah Jameson, 26 points. Perplex for 26 points is certainly good, while shutting down Spider-Allies is just icing.

39. Symbiote, 49 points. Flurry with 9 attack, but only if Venom or Carnage is near isn’t shabby, especially with toughness and regen extending the dial and leap/climb leading to plasticity making for good tie up. Still, with SI Spider-Man at 50 points, and SI Captain America at 49, I’ll mostly use this guy for Mastermind fodder.

38. Researcher, 15 pts. When a Scientist is near, he can use Enhancement on another Scientist, with 16 defense at range. Not terrible, but if you can spare the 11 points, just use a Gotham City Detective.

37. Sandman, 101 pts. A soft start gives way to a steady, long lived dial with lots of Shape Change and damage reducers (toughness to invulnerability) and good defenses, he should be around awhile. That’s good, since he’s tie up that does 1 damage when you break away and poisons you when you’re near. A useful piece, just not great.

35. Wolverine, 105 points. Oh, to be 30 points less. Wolverine heals one click at the start of every turn, which is great, except that he’ll be in the fray, so that one click might not be enough. Stealth and 11 attack with Blades are great, but one would think the metal laced bone guy would merit more than Super Senses up top. If he’s hit for a standard 3, he ends up with only 2 damage and quake, though he heals back to the better 3 damage immediately. If he’s hit for 4, rather than go to that useless click, forego healing to use Blades or Smack for 4 with Close Combat Expert. Overall, he’s good and will deal a lot of damage, but can be killed quite quickly and it doesn’t benefit to play him like one would expect a Wolverine to be played, by charging on into the fray. Instead, this guy needs finesse, beating one enemy at a time, then retreating to heal up… At least the X-Men TA helps with that. And hey, where’s the Avengers TA or Keyword?

34. Menace, 37 points. The perfect name for this character as, for 37 points, with an activation click, you get a Shape Changing, Toughness character with 17 defense. That’s a good bit of harassment right there for the cost, but add in 10 attack with super strength and flight and you have a really useful character with 5 clicks of life even after activation. This one will find its way onto many Celebrity and Brute teams.

33. Black Cat, 52 points. Black Cat is almost amazing, but she’s just too easy to ignore. Her stealth, 19 defense in close, 3 damage and probability control against opponents scream out tie up, but with no way to get in close and no range to attack with, she’s really just a slightly overcosted support piece. Still, a prob character for stealth isn’t bad, even if only on opponents turns.

32. Morlun, 180 pts. He might be great, but no move and attack or range in this point class is scary. 11 attack, 18 defense Impervious, Indomitable, Super Strength and 4 damage mean he can be a ton of trouble when in close, but you’d better pack some TK.

31. Noh-Varr, 141 pts. I want to like him far more than I do. He’s got really steady numbers and really good powers, I just feel like the whole doesn’t add up to quite enough. Running Shot and Psychic Blast with 3 damage is very good, but with only 8 range and only 3 damage… at 141 points, it’s a rough sell. Energy Explosion and Pulse Wave do, at least provide options. Invulnerability with 18 defense is really good too, but the 18 is only one click and Invuln only 2 without Indomitable. Toughness is less imposing, though the Regeneration at the end is nice. The mid-dial Hypersonic with Super Strength is awesome, but only lasts for two clicks, one of which with a paltry 2 damage… which wouldn’t bother me so much if it weren’t so late dial most of the items were likely to be gone. Perplex is great late dial, but it’s frustrating that it basically must be used on that two damage. His attack doesn’t go below a 9, again, very good, but to make it great, you have to give up all his many useful keywords. He’s borderline great, but just keeps falling short.

30. Iron Man, 202 points. Sheild TA is good, as is Indomitable Defense with Impervious and 18 defense. 4 damage is great, especially leading into Ranged Combat Expert and then Outwit. Running shot up top leading to free Force Blast is nice, as are the high attacks. So why isn’t this guy elite? For 188 points, in Secret Invasion, we got a very similar Iron Man who has both Outwit and Perplex, except it’s up front. Two of the best support powers in the game mean there’s little reason to pay 20 more for this Iron Man, even with Indomitable.

29. Chameleon, 66 points. 4-6 safety on Shape Change is really great, but what am I protecting with it? Mastermind is nice, but he’s hardly that valuable with only a 6 range Incapacitate to his name. He’d be useful against Alter Egos, since he shuts that down, but that’s too situational for me. Stealth means you have to get in his face, at least, but low defenses mean that when you’re their, you’ll get hit. So, why is he so high? He can be a good board control piece that has to be dealt with thanks to that Incapacitate, and his trait means it’ll be a huge pain to hit him. He should take a lot more than his points to deal with… or die in two turns.

28. Hammer Agent, 33 points. The Sheild TA makes almost anyone useful at 33 points, but the Hammer Agent’s 9 attack and 6 range with 2 damage running shot make him a pretty decent harasser of secondary characters. Add in the Hammer keyword boosting his attack one, and another one boost if it’s Norman or Iron Patriot, and suddenly that 11 attack running shot is wreaking havoc.

27. Ironclad, 74 points. If only that Charge was first click, this guy would be ridiculous. As is, 3 clicks of invulnerability then 2 of Impervious, along with rising Defense and Damage, even with falling Attack (it only goes down to 8) make this a fairly beastly guy to drop into the fray via TK or being carried. Lots of Super Strength make for no less than 4 damage in any given turn, and even that’s only on the last click. He’s pushable and tough- useful for almost any team with a taxi.

26. Dr. Octopus, 121 pts. He can perplex himself 4 times and use Mastermind to keep safe. Later he can flurry and he can almost always outwit. He stops attack and speed powers of SinSyn characters from being countered. With this, Doc Oc is an expensive team player, but one that must be built carefully with.

25. Victor Mancha, 96 points. It’s all about Victor’s first click with 17 defense Invulnerability, Indomitable, and 10 attack Psychic Blast with Running Shot, 8 range and 3 damage. He’s good after that, especially since he doesn’t need to push, but the Invulnerability is what really makes him great. I’d still rather have Moonstone from Hammer of Thor with Thunderbolts to see through Stealth for a good chunk less, but Mancha is no slouch.

24. Daken, 63 points. Not quite as good as X-23 thanks to no Stealth or Flurry, Daken is still a beast thanks to Blades that becomes penetrating damage on a result of 6 (and adding in one extra damage for that 6 as well), some Exploit Weakness mid-dial for more penetrating damage, and 4 clicks of Regen. He’d be higher, but no movement at all, lack of X-Men TA (for obvious reasons), and lack of feats (Auto Regen, Nanobots) in Modern Age games all combine to make the next on the list significantly better most of the time.

23. X-23, 60 points. 4 clicks of Blades, 3 of Super Senses leading to two of Regeneration, 2 of Stealth leading to 3 of Flurry… X-23 is freaking frightening and must be focused on right away. She’ll do far too much damage otherwise, which is perfect for 60 points. I love that the Battle Fury which keeps her cost down only shows up after the first click, which is when she’d be taxied. The X-Men TA adds even more healing.

22. Red She Hulk, 139 pts. 9 attack to start keeps her low for me, as do some annoying power quirks. Running shot is nice… but it’s annoying with charge and super strength, just as the later charge with Ranged Combat Expert isn’t good. Luckily, she gets better as she gets hit and should be dealing no less than 3 damage per turn. She’s great, just mildly annoying to use.

21. Spider-Man, 73 points. Needs feats to be elite due to lack of move and attack, so Lunge or Pounce is a must when it can be done. Webbing is great since it’s a free action not requiring a roll to anyone within six squares regardless of adjacency, forcing a breakaway roll if someone wants to move. Better, his 4-6 Super Senses should really keep him safe. Still, as good as he is, and he is good, SI Spider-Man was elite for 23 points less.

20. Peter Parker/Spider-Man, 50 points. Now this guy is good. Perplex with 9 attack and 1 or 2 damage are good options, and Super Senses might keep him safe, but the real goal here is to use him as mobile support until turning him into either Spider-Man- Red and Blue with Super-Strength and the Webbing Power, or Black Suit with 4 damage. I’ll usually choose the former, but the latter is a good option to have.

19. Eddie Brock/Venom/Anti-Venom , 42 points– This guy, especially when compared to Venom, has some nice tricks. For 42-points you get 6 clicks, 4 with toughness and shape change to keep him safe, and if he’s hit or pushed, he can turn into Venom or Anti-Venom. He’s going to probably survive one hit (and at 42 points, if he doesn’t c’est la vie) to at least turn to Anti-Venom. The Venom option is the rare alter-ego with survivability thanks to Steal Energy and a touch of toughness, along with a well placed click of charge up top. Anti-Venom is the star of the show, though, with 18 defense in close (and thanks to Combat Reflexes the option to take knock back to get away) and Support to heal with a nice 10 attack. That 3 damage means he can stay and fight, or the awesome Special Power allows him to do damage and then counter EVERYTHING an opponent has. Late game, this guy should be murder.

18. Vector, 68 points. A new must have for Politician themes, TK is always useful, but this is expensive at 68 points, even with 20 defense from range to make him safe. Flying for his own mobility helps, and 10 attack makes smacking folks with items from a distance a real option. Leadership is mostly useful with Contingency Plan, but that at least leaves way to Perplex. He’s good for all of that, but great for his power that lets him TK any enemy within 3 squares of him. Tossing that annoying tie up 8 squares away, or, better, that brick that’s pounding your face in out of charge range makes Vector an amazing option for ranged teams.

17. Puma, 56 points. I love his whole dial. First click he has Super Senses and Shape Change to make him hard to hit after he Charges in to use Blades with a 10 attack. If he’s hit he probably ends up with Outwit, Blades, Combat Reflexes (for an 18 or 19 in close), and suddenly, Flurry. Add in Mystical and Animal Keywords and you have a hugely useful piece. My new tie up of choice for Mystical Teams.

16. Solo, 99 pts. Sure, this Sharpshooter is a little expensive, but his power set is sick if used with proper finesse. He can teleport and be given a free action ranged combat attack. With 8 range and 2 targets, Energy Explosion from the opening click with a 14 range can do a lot of damage, as can the natural 3 on the dial. If that isn’t enough, push to get to a 17 defense (toughness all dial) and Psychic Blast for 2 to take those bricks down a peg. When he stops teleporting, he can smash for 4 damage with ranged combat expert, making him really useful and dangerous, even at only 6 clicks.

15. Green Goblin, 122 pts. Triple Target Energy Explosion makes that four range a lot more palatable and he can still shoot for 3 or 4 damage on one target for the normal 6. In close 19 defense with toughness is great, as is that Perplex and a ton of running shot. He doesn’t cost you your whole team, but is mobile and deadly enough to take out all but the biggest bricks.

14. X-Ray, 67 points. 12 Move with Phasing for a flier is a handy tool, but add in that X-Ray has Pulse Wave and Sharpshooter and you have quite the interesting option. X-Ray also never takes more than 1 damage from a close combat attack, so phase in, blast away, and watch the 1 damage retaliation.

13. Iron Man and War Machine, 300 pts. 8 Range and 3 targets is great with 4 damage and outwit, especially with duo. When they duo late dial, they can Psychic Blast or Ranged Combat Expert for either 3 penetrating twice or 10 total. Indomitable means a lot of options and their special power which gives them 2 tokens for four free attacks is just crazy. The best one-man army team in heroclix.

12. Groot, 152 points. A Giant in the proper weight class, Groot doesn’t move particularly well, but can do 6 damage with a heavy object, has Impervious light with Shape Change and Invulnerability, 18 defense to share to start (eventually going up to a 19) with Defenders TA, healing in either Water or Hindering for half his dial, 2 clicks where he can’t move but does an insane 6 damage with 4 range, 19 defense and 13 attack, and then can heal right back up. He’s a top flight power character and will be nasty especially with the Guardians ATA making it so none of his powers can be countered.

11. Anti-Venom, 93 points. Everyone has missed how deadly this guy is so far. If he was only Plasticity for tie up, 3 damage, 10 attack with free poison damage and toughness, leaving later for leap/climb and support he’d be good but overcosted. With his special power that counters EVERYTHING an opponent has when they take damage in close combat… well, there are some seriously evil possibilities here.

10. Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider, 38 pts. Get him to click 2 and you have 19 defense thanks to Combat Reflexes, 4 Damage thanks to Close Combat Expert, and 9 attack. Let him harass that way until he’s hit, then transform into the Scarlet Spider who retains 19 defense with CCE, has 3 natural damage, full move leap/climb and attack and Web Energy Explosion. Beastly for the price and Scientist Keyworded. Mr. Fantastic has a new best friend.

9. Red Hulk, 220 pts. I’m not a fan of this character, but Run in with a heavy object from 5 squares away with charge. Push to do it again with Close Combat Expert and take no pushing with Indomitable. Don’t worry about being hit since you’re Invulnerable, but if you are, get a power that hits everyone within 3 squares, 4 minus their distance. You’ll likely have 18 defense Invulnerable or Impervious by then. If you lose that, you get stuff like Perplex and Poison with damage not falling below a 4, no lower defense than 17 and Invulnerable as the weakest Defense. If you can avoid Outwit and get in close… I don’t see how this guy can be defeated.

8. Deadpool 158 points, 50-50 shot of taking 1 or less damage from an attack, with really useful damage powers like Perplex, Probability Control, and Ranged Combat Expert, huge Attack values starting at a 12, Running Shot and Phasing for mobility, and Regen to lengthen that dial even more, he’s completely deadly.

7. Scarlett Spider, 72 points. Leap/Climb all dial, Super Strength, Energy Explosion that adds Webbing to require breakaway, very good defense with Super Senses leading to great in close defense with Combat Reflexes, Scientist and New Warriors Keywords, and, best of all, full move leap/climb with a free attack at the end from click 2 on. This guy is absurdly good. If he had Spider-Ally, he’d probably be #1 on the list. As of now, I can’t wait to see what I can do with him Nova, Gee and Spider-Girl for a New Warriors theme, let alone the absurdly broken stuff he can do with other Scientists.

6. Cosmic Spider-Man, 319 pts. Hard to rank due to cost, but 19 defense Impervious, 12 attack, power Cosmic and the ability to shoot through anything make him absurd. Add in later dial free force blast then Ranged Combat Expert and it just gets silly. He’s legitimately 4 damage at least every single turn. It’s a very good thing he’s 319 points with that skill set.

5. Bombastic Bag-Man, 90 pts. Leap Climb Bag-Man up to a big gun while carrying a heavy object. Either hit for 4 damage and push onto Perplex or be hit and deal equivalent unavoidable damage to whoever hit you, which is why you do this to a big gun. Make sure you bring along some cheap wildcards or the Power Pack to die and heal him with the F4 TA and watch these 90 points torture opposing big figures. If they run away, full dial leap climb will find them. He’s great against any big gun who doesn’t have hypersonic (they can just ignore him).

4. Wolfsbane, 65 points. Okay, get in close thanks to Stealth, then roll to hit her first thanks to Shape Change, then try and hit a 19 defense thanks to Combat Reflexes, then hope I don’t hit Super Senses. Miss any of those and deal with 10 attack Blades that last for four clicks. I’d prefer a taxi, but if I want mobility, pushing to the second click gives me charge and only sacrifices one defense and attack. Add in X-Men TA and she’s going on every teen theme I can fit her on (Legion members and Chase Stein can taxi her perfectly), as well as being perfect for the various X-Teams and even Animal. Wow.

3. Bullseye, 117 pts. He’s expensive, but an absolute beast. He begins by neutering half of this set by ignoring Shape Change and Super Senses. He has an amazingly long swing with 10 range and running shot. At that point he’s only doing 3 damage, but that’s fine if he’s carrying a light object. Thanks to Sharpshooter and his special power, he can run up with that light to do 4 damage and 1 extra penetrating right after. 12 attack all but guarantees a hit and his defense is 19 on the first click in close, 20 on the second. After that, feel free to push for 11 attack, 19 defense Pyschic Blast in close with a Perplex to make that 3 damage stick and finishing with Stealth, Blades, and 3 or 4 damage due to Ranged Combat Expert. This is a sick, sick offensive piece who should be able to deal with Super Senses style pests and punch through Impervious bricks all the same.

2. Doppleganger, 93 points. Flury or Blades and Flurry along with 20 defense thanks to Combat Reflexes and Leap Climb make for one hell of a tie up piece, but add in that he can use a free action to give a token to a higher point character and then get a free close combat action every turn and you have one of the better figures in the game. Turn 1, TK and attack to flurry, then, with 1 token, activate the special power to flurry again. Turn 2, you have 1 token, so flurry, give the token away, and clear. Turn 3, attack twice again same as turn 1. Also, he wrecks Spidey allies, making it so they can’t evade attacks and he can use exploit weakness. If you see this guy on the board, Outwit that power kill him fast. It’s your only hope, unless you want 12 damage every other turn and 6 on the off turns.

1. Nightcrawler, 86 pts. He’s broken. Hypersonic, Stealth and Carry with 14 move is absurd. That he has 10 attack and can carry away opponents he hits for the rest of his move is dirty. That he has 19 defense with super senses and shape change is absolute insanity. That when Super Senses works, he can move 6 squares makes opponents cry. That he always ignores characters and terrain for movement makes him one of the best in the set. That he’s a Martial Artist who can be healed by X-Men Team Ability makes him on the short list of best figures ever.

All dial info and credit goes to HCRealms.com.

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