10 Thoughts on WWE Summerslam 2010 feat. WWE vs Nexus, Orton vs Sheamus, Daniel Bryan Returns

Hello all of you people! This will not be a normal 10 Thoughts column, since I did not view the show on pay per view, but rather saw it live from Staples Center in LA. To see some of my live coverage, and an upcoming live report, also including pictures check out my blog, itswilltime.wordpress.com. Enough with the plugging, on with the thoughts!

1. Tonight’s dark match was a spirited encounter between Evan Bourne and Zach Ryder. They work really well together and had a nice back and forth exchange. Considering Ryder’s character, and the popularity of Jersey Shore it amazes me that he is not getting a bigger push.

2. The opening Nexus attack certainly caught me off guard, but it was a fun way to start the show. I definitely would have rather seen the Kofi vs Dolph match go a little bit longer, but such is life.

3. I liked the small touch of Edge telling Miz that tonight was not about the Money in the Bank. After all, who would know better than Edge when it’s appropriate to cash in?

4. I’m used to fans vacating the area during Divas matches. I’m not sure if it was because it was early in the show or if they were genuinely excited to see Melina, but color me surprised. The Melina win was great, but I hated everything that followed LayCool is like a personality vacuum.

5. I always enjoy seeing CM Punk live, but he was definitely wasted in this losing effort against Big Show. I was at least hoping for a promo before the match.

6. The Miz’s promo is in my book as the promo of the year. His heat was phenomenal and he had the entire arena hanging on his every word. He had the perfect blend of comedy and legitimate heel heat. I can’t say enough good about this speech.

7. Many of the fans in the arena were disappointed with the screwy finish for Sheamus vs Orton. They had a very good match and I’m excited to see them again, in a non-screwy finish perhaps.

8. Kane and Mysterio had their standard match, but to most people it was just killing time until The Undertaker’s appearance. I really liked Undertaker being left laying, as it kept Kane looking strong as champion.

9. Daniel Bryan’s return was a huge surprise. The roof did not blow off of the arena, but the more knowledgable fans in the arena were psyched. Personally, I screamed my head off.

10. The Cena win over Nexus was really disappointing to me, although the many children around me were very happy. I was continuously getting dirty looks from them as I cheered for The Nexus. I will be updating my blog itswilltime.wordpress.com with more thoughts on this show and especially this loss.

That is all I have to say on the show for now! I’ll be back tomorrow night with 10 Thoughts on Monday Night Raw, once again I will be in the arena for that one. Thanks for reading and let me know what you thought of the show.

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