10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet 08.16.2010 feat. Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards, El Generico vs. Erick Stevens, and the House of Truth

As always, for a more detailed recap, Kyle Sparks has got you taken care of. I haven’t read his review yet, since I like to watch the show and write my column with a fresh pair of eyes, but I’d stake my reputation (yeah, I know, that’s not saying much) on it being good.

1. Since the opening package referred to Death Before Dishonor, it’s fair game. I finally got my copy in the mail and watched it this weekend. It was awesome. But Good God, Tyler Black got some venomnous bile from the fans. I haven’t seen anything like it since Cena vs. RVD at One Night Stand 2006 or vs. HHH at Mania 22. At this point, I almost feel for Tyler. He busts his ass and has done a hell of a job as champion. Is it his fault ROH took way too long to pull the trigger on his title victory, and booked him like a choker and a chump leading up to it?

2. I would have preferred to have Rhett Titus pick up the win against Jerry Lynn via Kenny King-ference. The guy that needs the win much more gets it (in what was a decent match), and you can still do the whole post-match angle with the beatdown and the Delirious save.

3. I can’t quite explain why, but this was far from my favorite Steve Corino/Kevin Steen promo. Steen’s part was good, but Corino’s just kind of felt flat. I think they’ve been so awesome all along that my expectations have gotten really high.

4. El Generico and Erick Stevens could have a really fun match if given the opportunity. They were just getting warmed up before the non-finish – which I can forgive, since (a) I’ve come to expect it from an ROH on HDNet mid-show match, (b) it was a logical follow-up to the preceding interview, and (c) it sells the awesome Chain Match.

5. Attention to detail, guys – you can’t say you “just announced” the chain match when your website had the announcement up as soon as the show ended last week. It’s not as bad as when ROH announced Aries-Black for one of its big shows during a commercial break last year, when Aries had a title defense LATER ON THAT SAME SHOW . . . but still.

6. Great job by the Kings of Wrestling in their interview pimping the match against Haas and Benjamin. I love it when ROH puts on these packages that show that the wrestlers’ motivation is all about competition and proving to be the best. Seeing long-haired Claudio in the old KoW footage made me giggle.

7. I’m still not loving the House of Truth. Maybe it’s because I’ve yet to see them outside of mid-show squashes on HDNet, but they just don’t do it for me, outside of Truth Martini. At least the two double-team moves they did tonight were pretty cool, and it’s probably a good move to make them look competent if Roddy’s going to associate with them.

8. Pretty killer main event tonight (at least on par with last week’s, if not a little better) to cap off a good show. I would’ve liked to have seen Davey sell the back better, or at least not immediatey pop up after taking certain moves, but the action was great and they stiffed each other pretty good, as expected. I’m happy with the ending as well, as it seems like ROH is finally ready to drop any pretense that Davey is a “heel”.

9. I knew the main event was for Strong’s guaranteed title shot, but I didn’t realize until tonight that the shot is to be used at Glory By Honor. Knowing what we know about Tyler, it kind of telegraphs the result, unless ROH (a) pulls off a hot-shot title change at this weekend’s HDNet tapings, or (b) pulls a CM Punk. I’m not sure how I feel about Roderick Strong: Ring of Honor Champion. He probably has more upside than the other two obvious choices (Davey or Daniels) if his heel character takes off. If it doesn’t, however . . .

10. With Black leaving in about 4 weeks and Davey at the end of the year, I am concerned with ROH’s main event babyface scene. Other than Daniels, who else is there? Cabana is OK for a title shot at a Chicago show, but he’s not a mainstay. I’m not sold on Omega, and he’s not around much anyway. We know how the crowd took to Lynn last time he was shot up the card. Generico, Delirious . . . right. If they’re going to turn somebody, they need to start now, but who? Hero would’ve been a good choice when Danielson and Nigel left, but he’s obviously occupied now. You can’t pull the plug on the All-Night Express. Turning Strong face so soon after turning him heel would be a disaster. Hm . . . any ideas?

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