10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 08.16.2010 feat. The Nexus vs Team WWE Singles Matches, Live In-Arena Thoughts!

Better late than never, I always say. I’m back from the Staples Center, where WWE taped two episodes of Raw last night and made sure that I did not get home till midnight. This was a really fun live show to be at. To read my full thoughts on the weekend of Summerslam plus Raw live check out itswilltime.wordpress.com, where I am also blogging about how The Nexus can get their heat back and more.

And now it’s time to do some thinking!

1. Wade Barrett’s promo forgiving himself for the loss was needed, but still left a lot to be desired. I expected a little bit more from WWE to help The Nexus overcome the loss.

2. I tend to be really hard on the comedy John Cena, but last night I got a kick out of him. What I did not enjoy as much were the constant “Wendy’s” chants directed at Heath Slater from the very shrill 7 year old boys sitting behind us.

3. Barrett and Jericho delivered with a great match. I loved a lot of the counters, and the Codebreaker reversed into Barrett’s throw looked great.

4. Why did it take over a year to get new Tag Team Championship belts? The new ones look almost like throwbacks to the championships of the 70s or 80s.

5. Daniel Bryan losing a match to Michael Tarver reminds me of everything I hated about NXT season 1. Doing so in this manner was not so bad though. Bryan retained his heat and Tarver was made to look very lucky.

6. The crowd popped big for Randy Orton, although some people seemed let down that we were not going to see the Bret Hart nostalgia show again. The countout finish in favor of Justin Gabriel was obvious when Sheamus came out.

7. In the tag match Sheffield and Otunga were not made to look dominant. If tonight was about making Nexus look good after their defeat, many of these matches did not get it done.

8. Did they really need to go with another countout finish for Heath Slater vs Edge? It just made Edge look stupid and made Slater look cheap. If they were booking this show for Nexus to actually look strong, they failed.

9. Darren Young lasted longer on Raw than he did at Summerslam. That has to make him feel good about himself.

10. The crowd was conflicted by the beat down on Darren Young. They don’t car about him, but they hate The Nexus. The little kids around us had no idea what to yell, but they still did yell.

That’s all for this week folks. Remember to check out my blog itswilltime.wordpress.com, for my full weekend at Summerslam and Raw including thoughts on what Nexus has lost and if they can get it back. All the best everyone!

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