Axel Alonso: One More Day was to separate Spider-Man and Mary Jane possibly permanently

Marvel VP Axel Alonso, spoke out about the controversy surrounding Peter and Marry Jane’s relationship and One More Day. “Fate” was always going to bring them back together. Um, is that spin or an admission that they’re bring the love back to Peter and MJ?

In his own words:

Alonso: I edited Spider-Man for seven years – the entire Straczynski run as well as titles like “Tangled Web,” “Sensational Spider-Man” and “Peter Parker: Spider-Man” – so I was really ready to say goodbye to Spider-Man. [Brevoort Laughs] I knew – intimately – how hard it was to navigate the waters with a happily married Peter Parker. Actually, one of my first tasks to pave the road for JMS was to work with [outgoing writer] Howard Mackie to clean up Mary Jane’s current status – she’d been kidnapped by villain whose identity was unknown at that point – and have her walk out of Peter’s life – at least for a period of time – so that JMS could effectively focus on Peter. Of course, we had to do this without divorcing the pair, so we had MJ tell Peter she needed time to figure herself out, and walk off into the sunset, effectively taking the decision out of Peter’s hands.

With “One More Day,” it was a lot trickier because we set out to separate the couple, possibly permanently, but with a whiff of possibility that they might find each other again. And that’s what we did – to expected controversy. [Laughs]

Shortly after the series finished, I had several conversations with friends – almost all of my generation – who told me emphatically how they didn’t like what the story did. What was fascinating to me was how they thought that Peter and Mary Jane’s love story was emphatically over. In comics, it’s never over. There’s always possibility. At one point, Mary Jane told Peter that they’d find each other again – that this was their fate. Who’s to say she’s wrong?

Source: CBR

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