Hulk Hogan talks WWE, TNA and his Favorites

Hulk Hogan did a radio show in Little Rock and had the following to say (my comments in italics after):

WWE shouldn’t be PG and TNA is what wrestling should be. Interestingly, he made all his money and become an icon based on PG before there was PG.

The best wrestler he was ever in the ring with is Kurt Angle. Dave Meltzer notes a lot of wrestlers feel the same about Angle. Pure wrestler? That’s obvious as far as technical wrestling, but who would honestly take him over HBK?

His favorite to work with was Randy Savage. Savage was an incredible athlete who made him look great and laid everything out in intricate detail. All this means is Hulk was lazy.

His favorite as a fan is Ric Flair. Hardly a unique perspective, but glad he gave Naitch his due.

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