PSN PS3 Store Weekly Update: Castle Crashers, Bioshock 2 DLC, R.U.S.E. Demo & More!

Downloadable Games

Castle Crashers ($14.99)
Hack, slash, and smash your way to victory in this award winning 2D arcade adventure from The Behemoth. Play with up to three friends locally or online and discover mind-boggling magic and mystery like you’ve never seen before. Save your princess, defend your kingdom, and crash some castles! Play with more than 25 unlockable characters, dozens of weapons to customize your hero, and an arsenal of combos and magical attacks to choose from.

Sam And Max Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep (free with purchase of full season)
This is the biggest Sam & Max game ever. An enormous, scaly, floppy-eared monster is rampaging through the city, and Sam assembles a crack team to stop him! To end the mayhem, they must venture … inside … the creature! With an all star cast of heroes and villains – you’ll be riveted to your seat for each thrilling twist, and the truly shocking conclusion in this series finale episode!

PSone Classics

Theme Hospital ($5.99)
Manage floor designs, hire medical staff, and cure some of the wackiest diseases known to man. Act quickly though, it is sure to be a matter of laugh and death! Download this PS one Classic today!

Game Demos

Castle Crashers Trial
Download this trial version of Castle Crashers and begin your epic journey into a world of magic and mystery. Enjoy a taste of the most exhilarating 2D adventure you’ve ever experienced brought to you by the award winning studio, The Behemoth. Continue the adventure in the full version with more than 25 unlockable characters, dozens of weapons to customize your hero, and an arsenal of combos and magical attacks to choose from.

Vanquish Official Demo – Velocity Attack
VANQUISH OFFICIAL DEMO – VELOCITY ATTACK gives you the chance to boost and blast your way in a frenetic action-shooter!

R.U.S.E. Demo
Play an exclusive mission from the Italy campaign in this R.U.S.E. single-player demo! You’ll play as U.S. General Joe Sheridan. Your final objective : clean the Tunisian Front in destroying or capturing a German and Italian HQ. R.U.S.E is a one-of-a-kind RTS game that allows players to deceive and manipulate their enemies to lead their nation to victory, controlling the action from the heart of the battlefield to the full theater of war.

Add-on Game Content

ModNation Racers: Lil’ Tinker Mod and Kart ($1.75, $0.99 Individually)
Some kids were just born to race. Sporting a homemade Soap Box Racer and X-Ray Specs, this little rascal is ready to go! This ModNation Racers Mod and Kart pack includes a fully-designed Mod, Kart, as well as several related parts and accessories for you to Create with in the Mod and Kart Studios. Download this pack today!

MAG – Characters Slot B & C ($0.99/month each)
Expand your horizons by adding extra characters to your MAG account. This single character slot addition enables you to create and build another soldier in MAG in addition to your main character. Join another PMC and witness the Shadow War from the other side, explore new specializations, or prove your valor by leveling multiple characters at once. Download your character slot today!

Bioshock 2 – Minerva’s Den ($9.99)
As a newly-awakened Big Daddy, enter Minerva’s Den: three sprawling levels filled with Rapture’s cutting-edge technology. Explore robotics labs, the Air-Tite Archives, and ultimately the inner workings of “The Thinker” itself, a 30-ton mainframe computer that makes up the braind of Rapture. Through miles of cable, circuits and relays, buzz the city’s deepest secrets, just waiting to be uncovered.

Split Second Elite Vehicle Livery Pack (free)
Download “The Elite” Livery Pack now and access new liveries for the Elite vehicles of Brawn, Vixen and Raptor!

Split Second Elite High Octane Supercar Vehicle Pack ($1.99)
Download the new “High Octane” Supercar Pack now and enhance your supercar selection with 3 new vehicles!

Split Second Elite Ryback Cyclone Special (free)
Download this special edition vehicle now to look slick on the race track and increase your car collection!

Yakuza 3: Challenge Pack ($3.99)
This bonus Challenge Pack will allow you to enjoy 2-player mini games, competing against your friends at Pool, Bowling, Darts and Golf. You will also be able to customize the principle characters with four alternative costumes for Kazuma, Haruka and Rikiya. (A Completed game save file required to access some of this content.)

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Alliance Weapon Pack ($2.99)
Increase your weapons arsenal with 7 powerful new weapons for all Multiplayer modes & Arcade mode.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Multiplayer Mask Pack ($1.99)
Conceal your identity with 8 costume masks stolen from a Chinese gift shop, for all Multiplayer modes and Arcade mode.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – The Doggie Bag ($5.99)
Take on new heists with 3 new Shanghai maps & 5 new weapons, all for multiplayer & arcade modes.

Guitar Hero 5/Band Hero/Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
P.O.D. Track Pack ($5.49, $1.99 Individually)
*”Boom” – P.O.D. ($1.99)
*”Southtown” – P.O.D. ($1.99)
*”Youth of the Nation” – P.O.D. ($1.99)

Rock Band
Country Pack 04 ($14.99, $1.99 Individually)
*“Days Go By″ – Keith Urban ($1.99)
*“Fancy″ – Reba McEntire ($1.99)
*“Hell On The Heart″ – Eric Church ($1.99)
*“It Happens″ – Sugarland ($1.99)
*“Lookin’ For A Good Time″ – Lady Antebellum ($1.99)
*“Rebound″ – Laura Bell Bundy ($1.99)
*“What Was I Thinkin’″ – Dierks Bentley ($1.99)
*“Women″ – Jamey Johnson ($1.99)
*“Would You Go With Me″ – Josh Turner ($1.99)

Rock Band Network
“Bang Camaro” – Bang Camaro ($1.99)
“Do Not Disturb (Tell Me How Bad)” – Let’s Get It ($0.99)
“Hard To See” – Five Finger Death Punch ($1.99)
“Seven” – Sunny Day Real Estate ($1.99)
“Where Were You” – Every Avenue ($1.99)

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