Tom Brevoort overules Joe Quesada: Dead DOESN’T mean dead @ Marvel

More Baltimore Comic Con, um, “news”:

Another fan lamented the number of deaths that have taken place in the Marvel Universe lately. “Have you guys talked about ways to make death a little more permanent?”

“We are in the realm of Fiction,” said [Marvel V.P. & senior editor Tom] Brevoort, “One of the great things about the realm of fiction is that the rules that apply to us every day do not apply to these characters. The other thing is, every character has their fans.” For every dead character, Brevoort explained, there’s someone who wants them back. “We could never promise you that there’s no way ever that anybody’s going to come back from the dead… That’s just the nature of the fiction that we do.”

Source: CBR

So, there goes Joe Q’s old “dead is dead” mantra in the Marvel Universe. With Chaos War being Marvel’s version of DC’s Blackest Night, I guess Tom B is right. That said, I don’t mind characters coming back from the dead in comics. My issue is ho wquickly they come back and how contrived it is. Some originality from DC and Marvel would be nice on resurrections. DC’s Brightest Day is intriguing, I wonder what will follow Marvel’s Chaos War? Surely they won’t leave their resurrected Marvel heroes dead, will they? So, a new Alpha Flight series or Avengers: Canada book in the works? Time will tell.

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