Craven Reveals Plenty on Scream 4 – cameos, cast, plot details and more

Wes Craven had no intentions of ever doing a fourth film in the Scream franchise and it was something he let be known publicly. Writer Kevin Williamson was right there with Craven and admitted the same thing. Now that they have changed their minds, it seems as if there is no holding back on Scream 4.

MTV recently got in a word with the horror guru to speak about his upcoming release of My Soul To Take on October 8, but it was only a matter of time before the conversation shifted. Craven did touch on his coming back to the popular franchise.

“I think all of us wanted to do something written by Kevin [Williamson] and to work together again. We all had such wonderful times on the first three. It has been a return to a great deal of fun — just the pleasure of working together again. We know each other inside and out. There’s a lot of shorthand and a lot of fun memories from our past escapades.”

When asked about the oh so secret plot, Craven caved a little bit.

“It’s a clear and/or pretty well-known [fact] that it’s a return to Woodsboro for Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), who is Neve’s character. Courtney and David have, as they did in real life, have gotten married and are living in Woodsboro, so it’s the story of Sid’s return to Woodsboro and the series of events that take place there where those three are thrown together in a wild and crazy way, and then a group of kids that get meshed in the plot.”

The cast listing is already huge for the film, but the director of fright let it be known that some highly important cameos would be included. He just wouldn’t say much about them.

“I don’t know what I’m allowed to say. They do have a very significant and exciting role in the film, let me put it that way.”

Things are looking up more and more every single day for Scream 4 and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This is a film I’ve waited years for and was never sure if it would come to fruition. Luckily, sometimes people change their minds and give the fans what they really want. The full interview with Craven can be read at MTV. He discusses more with the new cast and even reminds fans that Sidney’s homecoming is a big part of the story from Williamson.

Scream 4 is scheduled to slash into theatres on April 15, 2011. What a great birthday present for me.

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Source: MTV