10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 09.17.2010: The Hart Dynasty, Alberto Del Rio & More.

1. Smackdown started off with Christian in the ring for about 10 seconds then fat Cody Rhodes interrupted speaking in Spanish – does anybody actually know what he is saying yet? I think I may have to ask my mother to start watching SD with me so she can translate the Spanish into English. The Peep show opening segment wasn’t anything special to be honest, but it was good to see Christian receive more than a minute of TV time for once.

2. WOW! The Tag Team champions are actually doing what they are supposed to do and appear on Smackdown! From the outset the tag match promised to be a good match and it didn’t break that promise at all. The match had some excellent spots from The Hart Dynasty and well, whenever Cody and Drew or anywhere near each other I turn into a tween at a Justin Bieber concert.

– oh on a quick note to Todd Grisham, her name is Natalya not Natalie! You wouldn’t call Drew by the name of Ste.

3. Cor, ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes is so lucky having a mirror on the back of his jacket – I want one! (runs to B&Q and Primark to pick up the relevant items.) I personally think Cody has improved beyond belief since being on Smackdown – on RAW he was part of the punch and stomp connection aka Legacy where he really didn’t do anything of any importance but now he is being built up to be a big star and I hope to see a lot more of him in the future and perhaps headline Wrestlemania one day.

4. Why the hell does Kofi wear a sweatband around his neck? – does his neck get exceptionally sweaty for some reason? – HBK did the same during the dying days of DX which which bugged me but I let him off because well, he is my sexy boy. Anyway let’s move on as this isn’t hotties ‘n’ notties (cheap plug.) It was actually great to see Kofi in a match that doesn’t involve Dolph Ziggler for the first time in what has felt like years. In reality the vast majority of this match was rather uneventful but the last four minutes of the match more than made up for it with a lot of great action and it sent Kofi Kington into the PPV on a major high.

5. Why the hell are they treating Hornswoggle as though he is a 5 year old – first a child psychiatrist (which by gosh I’m glad I missed) and now they have sent him back to Year 1 for goodness sake. He is a 24-year-old man – with 2 earings, tattoos and a bloody full grown beard!

6. I’m still undecided about Kaval being with Laycool, on one hand he is an excellent wrestler and doesn’t need this sort of stuff weighing him down but then again I like the thought of him enjoying Laycools company (somebody has too) as though they are his sisters. The tag match (oh how refreshing it was to see the beautiful Rosa Mendes back in action, I hope the whole storyline about her being ‘fat’ is finally over with) was your average divas match with the spotlight on Laycool going in to the PPV to crown the first unified or undefined as some might say (I’m looking at you Alicia Fox) champion.

7. As soon as the CM Punk/Christian match was announced at the start of the show I was eagerly looking forward to it as both superstars have had some of the best matches on Smackdown in recent years. They had a lot of really solid back and forth action and I hope somewhere down the line Punk and Christian can start up a feud and end it with an excellent PPV match as we all know they could and cement them both as main eventers.

8. At the start of the show when Alberto told Christian that he wouldn’t be accepting his challenge to have a match at Night of the Champions I was left slightly disappointed. But after the Punk/Christian match when the rich Mexian made his way in to the ring and told the former Intercontinental Champion that he still wouldn’t be accepting his challenge it finally clicked into place. Why would Alberto accept his challenge, he has already beat Rey Mysterio, beating Christian would be taking a step down.

9. I’m not a fan of wrestling shows ending on long talking segments and started to prepare myself for boredom when Kane took the mic. But then all of a sudden everything started to happen and I leapt out of my seat in excitement. Even though it was weird to see Kane do Undertakers patented three moves of doom and ‘Taker get totally decimated it left me going in to the Night of Champions this Sunday wondering if Kane will finally best The Undertaker.

10. Best match: Hart Dynasty vs. Dashingly Sinister with the Punk vs. Christian match coming up at a really close second.
Worst match: Divas tag match.
Best Segment: Hornswoggle at school – JOKE!

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