10 Thoughts (from a bar) on WWE Night of Champions PPV 09.20.2010

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1) One thing I always take note of when going to a WWE live event or watch one of their pay-per-view events from a bar is how much closer their booking often is to what non-IWC fans will pop for than the internet gives them credit for.

2) I think the IC title match between Kofi and Dolph was pretty decent and was a good choice to start the show. I can’t say I am very interested in the storyline involving these guys but I think they have good in-ring chemistry.

3) CM Punk’s pre-match promo was predictable but executed so well it was still great. Punk is a rare breed in the business that can keep his heat and stay relevant despite rarely winning any of his matches.

4) Michael Cole’s heel turn for every Bryan Danielson appearance is annoying as hell. I really wish they would either turn him completely heel or stop with this little piece of character development.

5) Even with the overly annoying announcing by Cole and his fellow announcer’s reactions to him, Miz/Danielson was great. Despite the possibilities of moving the Miz up the card, I hope this feud is just getting started.

6) Except for the fact that all of the ladies looked great, the Divas match was horrible.

7) To be honest our table was getting our bets ready for the main event during the first part of the World title match so I didn’t catch all of it. But with or without his “darkside magical mojo” it was nice to see Taker put over the young talent clean on a pay-per-view.

8) Other than just a way to take up some time on a fast running event, I thought the tag-title match was pretty lame. I know the WWE no longer places a lot of value on tag-teams but they could at least pretend those ugly new belts mean something.

9) Jericho’s elimination in the 6-pack challenge mixed with the rest of the competitors in the match stopping to watch his slow walk out of the arena was awesome. I am much more interested in what he has to say tomorrow night on Raw than anyone else from the main event.

10) I thought the main event was a lot of fun and booked really well. Jericho’s exit was great and the homestretch from Cena’s elimination until Orton win was really hot finishing sequence.

Final thoughts: I give watching the event a thumbs up largely on the US title match and the WWE Championship contest because I thought both were great. But I would not recommend ordering the replay or buying the DVD because the rest was pretty forgettable. For more coverage on Night of Champions check out PK’s show report HERE. And for more of my thoughts on the WWE Divas take a look at THIS.