The Sims 3 Pre-Order Bonus Revealed For PS3, XBox 360 & Nintendo Wii

Receive elite, unlockable items before anyone else when you pre-order like the ‘Get Lucky’ Karma Power which grants your Sims the power of luck and ensures all endeavors end in success. Also included are the Ultra Lounge Bundle set and Muscle and European-styled sports cars. The Ultra Lounge bundle set includes Ultra Lounge Living Room and Outdoor items like a flat panel television, contemporary décor items, and other cool furnishings to modernize your Sims’ home. Also available are new ways to cruise around town in-game with a muscle car and a European styled sports car. Whether you use these unlockable items for money, friendship, love or to get lucky, the choice is up to you. The Wii version of The Sims 3 is also available for pre-sell, and will reward players with the ‘Get Lucky’ karma power early.

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