One Year in Knoxville – September 5, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing the $20,000 challenge match for the tag team belts between the Fantastics and the Heavenly Bodies. We’d also see Tim Horner, we’d get an update on the mystery man attacking Brian Lee, and there were some standby matches as well.

Dutch promised that the winners of the tag match would be on Down and Dirty and we headed to the ring.

Robbie Eagle was already in the ring. Tim Horner soon made his way out and down the aisle as Ron Wright and the Dirty White Boy joined the commentary team.

Horner and Eagle locked up with Horner getting a waistlock that he used to take Eagle down. Eagle got into the ropes to force the break as Horner spotted the DWB and Wright at commentary.

Horner got a headlock that Eagle escaped. Horner went for a hammerlock and took Eagle down for a two count. Eagle returned to his feet and Eagle started chopping Horner in the corner. Horner reversed and then whipped Eagle into a back elbow. Horner hit a suplex and followed with an atomic drop. Horner rolled up Eagle and bridged through for the win.

Horner had his hand raised as DWB and Wright headed to the back.

Caudle was with Horner when we came back. Horner said that he’d wanted to talk to DWB and Wright since they wouldn’t return his calls. Horner said all he wanted to do was make sure that his name was in the hat that DWB was drawing title contenders out of. Horner said that he wanted an opportunity at the title, and he’d be happy if his name just went into the hat. Horner told Wright and DWB that he was looking for them and we headed to commercial.

We came back to a video covering the history of the Fantastics and the Bodies. We opened with the barbed wire match as Cornette threw powder in Jackie’s eyes. Prichard rolled him up and Jackie kicked out.

Jackie played to the crowd as Bob Armstrong threw Cornette out of the arena. Prichard and Bobby brawled as Jackie tried to pull Stan Lane’s headgear off. Jackie threw Lane into the wire and took Prichard down. Prichard started clubbing back and turned his attention to Bobby before both Bodies went after Jackie.

The Bodies went for a double suplex and Bobby dropkicked them, putting Jackie on top of Lane. Prichard broke up the pin and started brawling with Jackie. Prichard hit a powerbomb and Jackie made the save. Lane covered Bobby for a two and Prichard hit a suplex on Jackie.

Prichard missed a top rope elbow and Bobby got Lane’s headgear. Cornette returned to the ring and threw the tennis racquet in. Bob Armstrong intercepted and Bobby rolled up Prichard for the win and the belts.

We then went to a video where Cornette advised that his mother had given him ten thousand dollars to put up against the tag belts. Lane and Prichard told Cornette he didn’t have anything to worry about. Cornette closed by demanding a rematch.

Jackie Fulton reminded Cornette of the way they’d injured him, forcing the Fantastics to wait for a title shot. Bobby then told him that the Fantastics wouldn’t do it.

From there we jumped to the contract signing. Bob Armstrong advised that he would make the match when he got the money in cash. Cornette then demanded that the match be no-DQ. Bobby said that they had already proven that they could beat the Bodies despite Cornette’s interference. Bobby whispered something to Armstrong and Armstrong announced that the tennis racquet would be banned from ringside.

An irate Cornette signed the contract when Armstrong told him that if he didn’t that there would be no title shot.

We came back to find the Bodies and Cornette with Caudle. Cornette announced that he’d found the Fantastics’ price and introduced Robert J Lacey, the vice president of a local bank. Lacey held a briefcase. Cornette opened the briefcase to display the money. Cornette promised that the Fantastics would never get their hands on the money. He added that Killer Kyle would be staying with the money.

We came back from commercial to the title match as the Heavenly Bodies and Cornette made their entrance. The crowd’s mood changed as the Fantastics made their way to the ring and we took another quick break.

Bobby started against Lane. The two locked up and broke twice. Lane muscled Bobby into the ropes to break another tie up and the two started trading punches. Lane pitched Bobby over the top but Bobby held on and skinned the cat back in. Bobby then pitched Lane, who tried to repeat the move. Bobby was waiting and punched Lane over the ropes and to the floor. Bobby gave one to Prichard for good measure and followed Lane as Jackie dropped to the floor as well.

Bobby hit Lane with a forearm and Prichard joined the fray. The Bodies double teamed Bobby until Jackie arrived around the ring and sent Prichard’s head into the safety rail. The Fantastics slammed the Bodies’ heads into the ringside table and Bobby returned to the ring. He caught Lane on the apron and hit him with a forearm. Bobby got a quick strut and popped Lane again.

Bobby sent Lane’s head into Jackie’s boot and made the tag. Jackie whipped Lane and caught him with a back elbow for a two. Bobby went to an armbar as we saw that Lane’s mouth was bloody. Lane raked Jackie’s eyes and tagged Prichard in. Jackie was ready and took Prichard down with a hip toss and then locked in an armbar.

Prichard escaped and Jackie pitched him to the floor. Bobby picked up a belt and cracked Prichard in the head with it. As Lane checked on his partner, Bobby picked up a steel bar and nailed Lane in the back with it. Jackie threw Prichard back into the ring and Bobby was waiting with the bar in his hand.

Jackie whipped Prichard and Bobby caught him in the gut with the rod, then Jackie followed up with a suplex that earned a two.

Prichard begged off as Jackie approached and Bobby punched him from the corner. Jackie worked an arm wringer and got the tag.

Bobby punched Prichard and tagged Jackie, who headed up top. Bobby held Prichard in place and Jackie went for a rollup that earned a two count.

Prichard ran the ropes until Jackie put him down with a hip toss. Jackie hit a dropkick that sent Prichard to the floor, and then punched Lane off the apron as well.

Cornette held a conference on the outside and Prichard returned to the ring. Jackie was ready and worked the arm before tagging Bobby in.

Bobby kept working the arm and Prichard reversed a whip, then telegraphed a back drop. Bobby popped him and then hit a spinning wheel kick that earned a two.

Prichard backed Bobby into the Bodies’ corner and Lane tagged in. The Bodies got in a bit of double-teaming and then Lane goaded Jackie in while Cornette punched away at Bobby. Prichard followed up by crotching him on the ring post. Lane covered and got a two.

Lane pulled Bobby up by the hair and slammed him down. Lane did so a second time and Jackie came in. Prichard switched with Lane and Bobby was able to grab his head and put him down with a bulldog.

Jackie tagged in and covered for a two. Jackie picked up Prichard and Lane slipped in with a chain. Lane popped Jackie in the back and passed it to Prichard, who used it to choke Jackie. Prichard covered and got a two.

Lane came in and the Bodies double-teamed Jackie. The Bodies made another switch and Lane started choking Jackie with the chain. That prompted Bobby to hit the floor and come back with a chair, which sent Lane fleeing out of the ring.

As the referee tried to stop Bobby, Lane continued to choke Jackie. Prichard dropped a knee below the belt and Cornette got in a shot or two for good measure.

As Prichard continued to attack Jackie, Bobby got into the ring and attacked him. The referee ordered him back to his corner as Lane held Jackie and Prichard punched him. Prichard sent Jackie over the top and played to the crowd. Lane picked up a sandbag and dropped it on Jackie’s back.

Prichard sent Jackie back into the ring and started stomping his back. Prichard hit a backbreaker and covered for two.

Lane tagged in and Jackie tried to fight back. Bobby hit the ring and went after Prichard as Lane choked Jackie on the bottom rope. Bobby returned to his corner as Lane raked Jackie’s eyes. Lane whipped Jackie and Cornette climbed onto the apron. Jackie got a sunset flip and covered Lane until Prichard broke it up. Bobby came back in to the ring and went after Prichard.

Prichard picked up Jackie and hit an atomic drop. Prichard tagged Lane and he whipped Jackie. Lane telegraphed a back drop and Jackie staggered him with a kick. Jackie followed up with a clap to the ears and tagged Bobby.

Bobby dropkicked Lane and started fighting off both Bodies. Bobby locked in a sleeper on Lane and Prichard broke it up, which brought Jackie back in to even the odds.

Prichard left the ring and Jackie followed as Bobby got a spinning toe hold. Lane kicked Bobby into Jackie, who fell off the apron and onto the ref. With the ref down, Bobby pinned Lane and another ref came to the ring. Lane pulled out the chain and popped Bobby, then covered for a two count.

Bobby reversed a whip and went back to the sleeper. Lane popped the ref and Cornette sprayed a rag with ether. Cornette hit the ring and put the rag over Fulton’s face. Cornette cleared out of the ring as Mark Curtis started to stir.

Cornette threw the first ref back in and saw Lane on top of Bobby. The ref made the count and we had new tag team champions.

Mantell explained that Bobby Fulton was a heavy drinker who’d passed out as Kyle closed the briefcase and returned it to Cornette while we headed to commercial.

We came back to Down and Dirty, where Dutch was speaking with Cornette and the Bodies while Killer Kyle guarded the briefcase full of money. Dutch congratulated Cornette on the Bodies’ strategy. Cornette expressed how happy he was to see the Bodies with the gold (and keep his mother’s money). Cornette said that he’d seen that Bobby Fulton was bleeding so he sprayed disinfectant on a cloth in order to render first aid. Cornette then added that Bobby must have been drunk and passed out.

Dutch proclaimed what a great human being Cornette was and turned to the Bodies. Lane said that he’d smelled cigarettes and liquor on the Fantastics and they could beat anyone. Cornette rolled around in the money (and Dutch grabbed a share) as we headed to commercial.

When we returned Caudle was with Paul Orndorff. Caudle said that Ronnie Garvin said that things weren’t over. Orndorff said that if Garvin was as tough as he said, why didn’t he accept Orndorff’s challenge? He also said that he didn’t need to play to the fans like Garvin did – he was Mr. Wonderful. Orndorff then said that nobody would ever piledrive Orndorff.

Caudle then introduced a video of the mystery man after Brian Lee as Orndorff proclaimed his innocence.

We joined a Texas death match between Lee and the Dirty White Boy from Knoxville already in progress. DWB grabbed a chair and came into the ring. Lee intercepted the chair and blasted DWB with it. Lee covered and got the pin.

As we entered the rest period, the mystery man attacked Lee and dropped an elbow, then knees. Tim Horner hit the ring and forced the mystery man out of the ring. Security corralled him and they pulled him out of the arena.

Back in the ring, DWB grabbed the chair, blasted Lee, and got a pin.

From there we saw that Caudle was joined by Armstrong and Lee. Armstrong then said that he’d received a mysterious letter from someone who said that one of his followers was attacking Lee, and he was only the first.

Armstrong promised to do what he could, and Lee took over. Lee expressed how sick the assaults were, and said he had no problem facing anyone one on one, but this had him concerned. Lee left the interview as we headed to commercial.

We came back to commentary as Caudle introduced a video from last week’s battle between the Rock n Roll Express and the Stud Stable.

Jimmy Golden whipped Ricky Morton into a corner and Morton caught him on a charge. Golden tagged in Robert Fuller and Morton tagged Robert Gibson.

Gibson and Morton battled both members of the Stable and Gibson tied Golden up in the ropes. The ref went down and got up only to get shoved down again by Golden. The ref called for the bell as the fight continued on the outside. Gibson sent Golden into the ring post and Morton ran Fuller out of the ring. The Stud Stable headed to the back as the Express posed for the fans.

We came back to hear Morton tell the Stable that they couldn’t keep them from jumping them, but they could fight back when they got jumped.

We then headed to the ring where the Batten Twins were waiting. They were soon joined by the Stud Stable.

Fuller started against Brad Batten. The two locked up and Brad got an armdrag. Fuller protested and referee Mark Curtis delivered a warning.

The two locked up again and Brad got a headlock, then took Fuller over. Fuller reversed into a head scissors, and Brad got to his feet and took Fuller down with another headlock.

Fuller muscled his way back up and whipped his way free. Brad shoulderblocked down Fuller and then leapfrogged him before trying for a rollup.

That brought both partners in and all four men brawled. Curtis regained control and Brad got another headlock.

Golden tagged in and got headlocked, then taken down with the hold. Golden returned to his feet and hit a backdrop. Golden rammed him into the corner and followed with a bodyslam.

Fuller tagged in and kicked Brad in the shoulder, then rammed him into the corner. Fuller slammed Brad down and went for a hammerlock. Fuller stomped the shoulder and brought Golden in.

Golden kicked the shoulder and went to an arm wringer. Brad tried to fight back and Bart tagged in. Bart fought back against the Stable and dropkicked both opponents down. All four men brawled and Brad got Golden in an abdominal stretch. Fuller came off the ropes and clubbed Brad, then Golden covered for the win.

Bob Caudle told us that next week the Stud Stable would face Danny Davis and Dixie Dynomite before saying goodbye for another week.

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