10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 10.01.2010 – RAW Invasion, The Undertaker, Jack Swagger

1. Smackdown kicked off their live debut on Syfy with a set of brand new opening tittles and song but let’s be honest here you can’t make Kane look mean and menacing with Greenday’s ‘do you know the enemy’ in the background even if he is chokeslamming somebody into a ring of fire.

2. The first match this week was for the Intercontinental Championship featuring a clean shaven and new attire wearing MVP going up against the current champ Dolph Ziggler in a rematch from last week which I gave positive reviews too. This match was going the way of a good match until those darn Nexus members interfered and beat down on both the opponents. That is what I like about the Nexus they will beat down on anybody no matter who they are to get noticed and they sure do.

Big Show then came stumbling out – without his Butch Reed-esque do-rag unfortunately – to make the save and I did momentarily think “oh he’ll fight them off easy” as with the way WWE have been pushing him it would of been believable that he could fight them all off but oh no all that was thrown out of the window and instead Nexus basically whooped his large ass.

3. Michael Cole then darkened the announce table of Smackdown for no reason at all really. Matt Striker and Todd Grisham have done a great job by themselves for the best part of the last year, they don’t need Michael Cole – nobody does. At this point I wished to myself that not too many people from RAW would be on this episode but oh boy, what a waste of a wish. This edition may as well of been called RAW featuring the superstars of Smackdown.

4. Next up was the beautiful Natalya with her team of Kelly-Kelly and The Bella Twins against Laycool’s evil team of Alicia Fox and Maryse. Oh, btw i’m extremely happy that Natalya has finally been given the chance to become Divas Champ which she so rightly deserves. In the Divas match we were treated to an appearance by Hornswoggle and this week I am not joking. It was a right good treat seeing him being big booted by McCool.

5. Jack Swagger then came out – in an amazing cape btw – and proceeded to trash his home state of Oklahoma which really ground my gears as I hate it when WWE turn a wrestler against their home fans because call me old fashioned but I believe a wrestler should always be cheered in their own state. After trashing OK to high heavens and claiming that he was moving to Texas he then proclaimed himself to be the King of Oklahoma – WTF?! Are they not reading what they are writing nowadays, how does this make any sense at all???

Oh by the by who does everybody think was in the eagle mascot costume? – my bets are on Chavo Guerrero seeing as it’s in the family to dress up as stupid birds.

6. The Nexus/Big Show match wasn’t really a match but the finish was unbelievably awesome and showed Nexus as a big threat in preparation for their match at Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

7. The Undertaker/CM Punk match was entertaining – not as good as the one they had a few weeks back but a million times better then the embarrassing squash match at last year’s Hell in a Cell PPV. ‘Taker is like a good bottle a wine – he gets better with age. He has had plenty more great matches in the last 3 years then he had in the early ‘90s.

8. Rey Mysterio’s grand return to Smackdown was just that – I absolutely adored the tiny Chihuahua in its miniature mask; it was one of the cutest things ever! *runs to go find a similar mask to put on my little westie.*

I’m glad to see Rey back as he is one of my favourite Smackdown Superstars. Although it’s unfortunate that Christian is injured as Alberto’s/Christians pay off match will have been great but I believe that the Rey/Alberto feud will be better in the long run as there is some substance to their storyline.

9. The match between the current WWE Champion Randy Orton and his former Legacy protégé ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes was a really good but unfortunately short match. I would of liked to see it extended a bit longer (well a lot longer) as it definitely has the potential to be an excellent match. Even though Cody did bring it out of the bag I would have loved to have seen a fresh and brand new match between Orton and Drew but perhaps with some hope they are saving it for a future Wrestlemanina.

10. Best match: Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes.
Worst match:
None really if I’m being totally honest. The most disappointing match let’s say was Dolph/MVP as it would have been a good match but it ended abruptly.
Best segment:
The Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio segment because of the doggy – awwwww.

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