Jim Ross Talks WWE Hell in a Cell PPV and Steve Austin’s Return to the Ring

Here’s what Ross had to say:

The Hell in a Cell event Sunday night in Dallas was better than I perceived it would be considering the event had only two weeks build on TV. Bottom line is that HIAC exceeded my personal expectations.

Any company producing multiple PPV’s in a span of a few weeks time in today’s economy can’t have overly, lofty financial projections for multiple PPV’s however I felt like from a creative standpoint that HIAC was solid.

Creative is such a subjective entity that it will never make every one totally happy and when looking at creative in hindsight one can usually fine something by looking in the rear view mirror to criticize or want to tweak.

HIAC presentations in a PG world is a tough one to execute. Competing in an environment erected of steel ‘feels’ condusive to be more aggressive that a PG franchise can provide.

Interesting dynamic with the three man announce booth at HIAC. At times, more often than not, the trio really meshed and I enjoyed their work. At other times it felt somewhat like a free for all. Some people like free for alls, by the way, but the end game of the three man booth is that when individuals only work together sporadically their performance and presentation will always be somewhat hit and miss. I enjoyed King’s interaction with Matt Striker as the two seemingly don’t philosophically see eye to eye. With all that said, if not seeing eye to eye is done effectively it can make for entertaining TV.

Saw where the UK Sun interviewed Steve Austin about another of Steve’s movies being released eminently. Again, when Austin said “never say never” regarding him returning to the ring one can surmise that is true as long as Steve is healthy enough to want to train to get back into the ring but I would be shocked to see Steve ever want to wrestle anyone at anytime at any place in the future. Could it happen? Sure. Will it happen? Highly unlikely. Let the rumors begin and the speculation run wild, BROTHER! Steve is immersed in is movie career and to get back into the ring would take time away from that endeavor as Austin would never step back in the ring without several weeks or perhaps even months of preparation. Stone Cold has too much pride to ever step in the ring merely for a pay day and not to give his fans a helluva bout.

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