One Year in Knoxville – September 12, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell, who was showing off a bounty poster on Brian Lee. Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing Paul Orndorff and Tim Horner. We’d also hear from Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies as well as get an update on the Brian Lee bounty and the mysterious attacker. The Dirty White Boy would defend the title, and Danny Davis and Dixie Dynomite would face the Stud Stable.

Mantell announced that his guests on Down and Dirty today would be Bob Armstrong and Brian Lee.

From there we headed to the ring, where Ben Jordan was waiting. His opponent was Paul Orndorff.

The bell rang and the two locked up. Jordan got an arm wringer and quickly drove Orndorff to his knees. Jordan transitioned to a hammer lock and Orndorff hit a back elbow to break the hold. Orndorff sent Jordan’s head into the turnbuckle and started kicking away on him before choking him with his boot.

Orndorff hit an uppercut and picked Jordan up. Jordan reversed a whip into the corner and put Orndorff down with a hip toss, then flattened him again with a dropkick. Jordan hit another and headed up top.

Orndorff dodged a body press and started stomping Jordan. Orndorff hit another uppercut and raked his boot across Jordan’s face. Orndorff whipped Jordan and put him down with a backdrop, then dropped a knee on him. Orndorff gave him another stomp and headed up top. Orndorff dropped a knee on Jordan and covered for the easy win.

After the match Orndorff picked up Jordan for a piledriver as Mark Curtis tried to stop him.

We then joined Caudle, who was with Orndorff. Caudle brought up the bounty and asked if Orndorff was involved. Orndorff said that everyone in Smoky Mountain was jealous of him and that was why they were trying to blame him for the bounty. Orndorff promised to piledrive Lee and Ronnie Garvin as we headed to commercial.

We came back to Caudle, who reminded everyone of how Cornette had helped the Bodies regain the tag belts the previous week before sending us to the video.

As we joined the video, Tom Prichard had Jackie Fulton down and tagged Stan Lane in. Lane whipped Jackie and telegraphed a backdrop. Jackie kicked Lane and clapped his ears before tagging Bobby in. Bobby cleaned house on both Bodies and locked a sleeper on Lane. Prichard broke it up and Jackie attacked him. Jackie and Prichard left the ring as Fulton locked on a spinning toe hold.

On the outside, Jackie fell and took out Prichard and the ref. Bobby got a pin and broke as Mark Curtis charged to the ring. Lane blasted Bobby with a loaded fist and got a two. Fulton whipped Lane and locked in a sleeper. Lane knocked down Curtis and Cornette pulled out a rag and a can. Cornette sprayed down the rag and climbed into the ring, then wrapped the rag around Bobby’s face. Bobby fell backward and landed with Lane on top of him. Cornette left the ring and helped the original ref back into the ring. The ref made the three count and the Bodies regained the belts.

Cornette and Prichard claimed the belts and helped Lane out of the ring as we went to a video interview with the Fantastics.

Jackie advised that everyone had seen what had happened and the Bodies had stolen the belts. Bobby admitted that Cornette had gotten to them and he promised that the Fantastics would get revenge on the Bodies. Bobby said that Bob Armstrong wasn’t able to do anything because it was no DQ, and then said that the Fantastics had a rematch signed and Cornette would be handcuffed to Bob Armstrong.

We then headed back to Caudle, who was joined by Cornette, the Bodies, and Killer Kyle. Lane discussed his eardrum injury and mentioned that it was the worst that he’d ever suffered. Lane again ordered the fans to keep quiet and Prichard took over. Prichard bashed the fans and Cornette took over. Cornette blamed the “Ether Bunny” on the Fantastics’ loss and then Cornette started discussing the stipulation. He said that Armstrong just wanted to ensure that the Bodies would lose the belt and then said that Kyle was going after the bounty on Lee. Cornette closed by saying that fans were saying that the Bodies had to beat the Rock n Roll Express to be true champions, and that the belts would be on the line next week when the Bodies battled the Express.

We came back to find Joe Cazana waiting in the ring. “Thunder Rolls” started playing and Tim Horner made his way down the aisle.

The bell rang and the two locked up. Horner got a headlock and took down Cazana. Cazana complained of a hair pull and the two locked up again. Cazana and Horner traded holds as Ron Wright and the Dirty White Boy joined commentary.

In the ring, Cazana got a headlock and shoulderblocked Horner down. Horner armdragged Cazana and went to an armbar as Wright complained about Horner harassing him for a title shot.

Cazana reversed for an arm wringer and Horner used a fireman’s carry to take Cazana down. The two locked up again and Cazana backed Horner into the corner. Cazana started punching away and sent Horner across the ring. Horner leapfrogged over Cazana and went back to the arm. Horner drove a knee into Cazana’s shoulder and kept on the hammerlock.

Cazana returned to his feet and Horner backed into the corner again for the break. Cazana got a whip reversed but he caught Horner coming in. He then hit a swinging neckbreaker and started stomping away. Cazana picked up Horner and clubbed him down before Horner reversed and slammed Cazana’s head into the corner.

Horner whipped Cazana and armdragged him over before hitting a suplex and a knee drop. Horner picked up Cazana and sent him into the turnbuckle, then Cazana reversed a whip. Horner leapfrogged him again and rolled him up with the bridge for the win.

Horner spotted Wright and DWB and started on his way to commentary.

Horner had cut off Wright and DWB’s exit. As Wright told Horner that he was old and warned him not to lay a finger on him, Horner asked if he was in consideration for a title shot. Wright assured Horner that his name was in the hat, and Horner said that he just wanted to make sure he was in the running as we headed to commercial.

We came back to Down and Dirty, where Armstrong and Brian Lee joined Dutch. Dutch assured Armstrong that he thought this was horrible and said that Armstrong had received another letter.

Armstrong said he had and read the letter, which said that no security could stop “the follower.” The letter warned that Armstrong would have to watch as Lee was the first, but not the past. Armstrong then read a list of everyone who wanted a match with Lee – DWB, Paul Orndorff, Killer Kyle, the Bodies, and even wrestlers from outside the territory. Armstrong asked the mystery man for a meeting to try and resolve the problem, and then promised that if anyone in Smoky Mountain was responsible, they would be banned for life.

Dutch then asked Lee if he was scared by this. Lee admitted that he was concerned as he ripped up the poster. Lee said that he would get tougher and would handle anyone who crossed his path as we headed to commercial.

We came back to find DWB and Ron Wright with Caudle to select the challenger for tonight. Wright said that they would pull a name from the hat each week and DWB would defend the belt every week. Wright said that Bob Armstrong had written the names of the top ten contenders and they were the names that were in the hat. DWB said it didn’t matter whose name he pulled, and borrowed Dutch’s hat for the drawing. DWB pulled a name, looked nervous, and said it was Newton Steffey. Wright put over Steffey as Newton charged to the ring.

DWB pushed Wright to the ring and the match was on as Wright popped a pill. DWB showed off the belt, the bell rang, and the two locked up. Steffey took DWB down with a hip toss and played to the crowd. The two locked up again and DWB drove a knee into Steffey’s gut before punching away. Steffey whipped DWB and tried another hip toss only for DWB to put him down with a clothesline.

DWB picked Steffey up and nailed a head butt, then kicked him in the stomach and started stomping away. DWB hit a suplex as Caudle confiscated the piece of paper that DWB had drawn. Caudle then showed the paper to the camera and revealed that it had Tim Horner’s name on it.

DWB dropped a knee and covered for a one before breaking the cover. DWB whipped Steffey and put him down with a clothesline. DWB dropped an elbow as Dutch protested that DWB was innocent in Horner not getting a title shot.

DWB picked Steffey up and slammed him, then dropped a leg on him. Mark Curtis counted to two and DWB got up again. DWB picked up Steffey and punched him, then chopped him down. DWB hit a backbreaker and broke the pin again.

DWB hit Steffey with a knee and stomps before going after his eyes. DWB picked Steffey up and planted him with a DDT, then covered for another two before standing again. DWB picked up Steffey and nailed the Bucksnort Blaster, and then covered for the win.

Tim Horner charged to the ring with a mic. Horner said that he’d seen that his name had been on the slip of paper that was picked. Horner called DWB a coward and DWB told Horner to leave before he got hurt.

Horner slapped DWB in the face and Mark Curtis tried to prevent a fight. DWB grabbed the mic and told Horner that he had a match – a non-title match. If Horner could beat DWB, then he’d give him a title shot. DWB left the ring and pushed Wright to the back.

We came back from commercial to see Danny Davis and Dixie Dynomite on the way to the ring. They were soon joined by the Stud Stable, with Robert Fuller carrying a stretcher into the ring.

Dutch Mantell then announced that DWB would face Tim Horner in the non-title match next week.

Dixie started the match against Fuller. The bell rang and the two locked up. Fuller backed Dixie into the corner and gave a clean break. The two locked up again and Fuller got a headlock. Dixie whipped his way free and the two crisscrossed the ring until Fuller put on the brakes before he got clotheslined.

Another lockup saw Dixie get a headlock. Fuller slammed Dixie down and strutted across the ring. The two locked up again and Fuller went for Dixie’s arm. Dixie and Fuller traded hammerlocks until Dixie got a headlock that Fuller slammed Dixie down to escape.

Fuller strutted again and Dixie kicked him before slamming first Fuller and then Jimmy Golden. Dixie strutted around the ring and Fuller was mad. Fuller complained that Dixie had pulled his trunks and tagged Golden in.

The two locked up and Dixie got an arm wringer before bringing Davis in. Davis kept working the arm and took Golden down before locking in an armbar. Golden returned to his feet and whipped his way free. The two crisscrossed and Davis took Golden down with a drop toe hold. Davis tied up Golden on the mat with a surfboard and Fuller fought to get into the ring to break the hold.

Davis released Golden’s arms and Golden tried to kick his way free. He finally succeeded and flipped Davis down. Davis took Golden down and locked up his legs again. The two started crisscrossing again and Fuller kicked Davis in the back. Golden got in another shot and tagged Fuller in.

Fuller got a cheap shot with Golden’s help and kicked Davis down. Fuller covered for a two and started punching away on Davis. Fuller rammed Davis’s head into Golden’s boot and made the tag.

Golden came in and went for a camel clutch. Davis fought to his feet and Golden sent his head into the turnbuckle. Davis reversed and both men were down. Dixie tagged in and started fighting off both members of the Stable. Dixie dropkicked both opponents down and paired off with Golden as Davis went after Fuller.

Golden dodged a bodypress from Dixie and pitched him over the top behind referee Mark Curtis. That brought Robert Gibson to the ring. Ricky Morton pulled Golden’s leg out from under him as he tried to slam Dixie, and that resulted in Dixie lying on top for the three count.

We came back from commercial to find the Stable with Caudle. Caudle brought up the two matches for next week and Golden brought up how Morton had interfered and showed off the stretcher, then discussed an upcoming stretched match. Fuller was ranting about the Express as Caudle said goodbye for another week.

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