The Office – Episode 7-3 Review

I loved this episode of The Office. Loved it. And I don’t want Michael Scott to go away because I don’t know who else would act like such a tool at a live production. Except maybe Andy. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This week’s cold open was even better than the viral video lip dub the Office’rs attempted in the season premiere. And I liked the lip dub. But this was just too perfect – everyone is working away, and suddenly Andy Bernard bursts into the office dressed as a sailor and singing about Sweeney Todd! I don’t know what was better – the fact that Andy brought fully costumed cast mates with him, the fact that Erin squealed “Did you write this!?” or the fact that Dwight pulled a knife out. Actually, I do know what was best. Erin squealing “Did you write this?” and then responding “Who’s that?” when Andy said “Stephen Sondheim.”

Andy was trying to create some buzz about a local production of Sweeney Todd that he was in, and he was also hoping his performance would help him win back Erin. Everyone was indifferent about Andy’s play except for Michael, who became bitter when he realized he’d auditioned for Sweeney Todd and hadn’t gotten a part.

Everyone ended up turning out to see Andy’s play except for Erin, who’d volunteered to babysit so Jim and Pam could attend. She’d really wanted to go but couldn’t pass up the opportunity. “I’ve been trying to get in the babysitting game forever. The 13 year olds in this town have a complete monopoly,” she said. “It’s almost like a babysitters’ club.” Much to everyone’s surprise, they actually enjoyed the first half of the play. “It’s fun to hear Andy sing,” said Pam. “…in the appropriate setting.”

Michael, though, was having a totally different experience. Who brings balloons to a play? Balloons! He got all sulky when Darrell told him that the lead role was played by his plumber, who was discovered singing karaoke, and not a world-class actor who was brought in as a ringer like Andy had said. So Michael swiped a bottle of wine and passed it around, everyone taking a few swigs during the second act.

Because this is The Office, the play had to go horribly wrong. What was brilliant was that the writers had the play be actually good at first, so it was even funnier when it went down the tubes. First Andy’s cell phone rang, and he did an especially awkward job of trying to cover it up. Then Michael’s empty wine bottle started rolling around on the floor making all sorts of racket. Then Michael’s balloons escaped and popped on the ceiling lights. That made Jim and Pam’s baby cry, because unbeknown to them, Erin had brought the baby to the play on route for ice cream. Because she was taking a baby for ice cream. No wonder the 13 year olds have pushed her out of the babysitting game.

Poor Andy. Not only did he screw up the play, but he had to listen to a cutesy phone call between Erin and Gabe afterward where she promised to bring him soup.

The Dwight/Angela storyline kind of fell flat for me, but overall it was a hilarious episode. The Office has been so strong this year, so I hope the writers can keep this going after Carrell’s departure. Here’s some more funny moments and lines:

  • “No woman can resist a man singing show tunes. Even a lot of men can’t resist a man singing show tunes.” – Andy
  • “If we don’t listen to the overture we won’t recognize the musical themes when they occur later in the play.” – Darrell
  • Phyllis’s fur stole.
  • Dwight bragging “I work with that guy”.
  • Creed reviewing the play.
  • Ryan bringing up an analog clock on his iPad instead of telling Kelly the time.
  • Darryl: You didn’t have to boo him.
  • Michael: He was getting a lot of applause and I didn’t think it was indicative of how people were feeling.
  • Andy: It’s like amateur hour.
  • Oscar: Well, it was an amateur production, technically…
  • “It’s like The Hurt Locker.” – Jim, trying not to wake CeeCee while putting her in the car
  • “I’ll see you soup.” – Erin
  • Andy singing a Macy Gray song at the end.
  • Michael auditioning with an entire Law and Order episode.