10 thoughts on Smackdown for 10.08.2010: Blurring lines, Back to 2005, Time for a change.

1. How long does it take Michael Cole to mess up? – a mere two minutes. Remember, Cole since you have now darkened the Smackdown announce table that SD is shown on a Friday night and not the night after RAW. So in future don’t refer to yesterday when talking about something that happened on RAW because when watching Smackdown on a Friday night yesterday means Thursday and not a Monday! – *and breathe*

2. With the lines between RAW and Smackdown becoming blurred in recent weeks – The Hart Dynasty appearing for no reason at all, Natalya doing the same and so on so forth could WWE be testing the water to end the brand split?

3. It seems as though we have gone back in time what with Edge donning his long leather jacket and sunglasses. All he needs now is to get Lita back on one arm and a MITB briefcase in the other and we will instantly be back in 2005 – if we do go back in time can I resit my engineering GCSE please?

4.  I’m a big fan of Jack Swagger but why must do WWE always have to make people who are trying to be legit a bit of a joke. Swagger has this bloody soaring eagle, Steve Blackman with his head cheese, Charlie Hass and those impersonations, Perry Saturn and his beloved moppy and well, Kurt Angle in general, just to name a few. If you can think of anymore wrestlers WWE made a complete joke out of please leave a comment.

5.  Personally I favoured the Swagger/Edge match on tonight’s Smackdown as opposed to the one they had at Hell in a Cell. I thought the PPV match was far too quickly put together and mind numbingly long but this one was surprisingly really entertaining (apart from the Eagle part naturally.) It also went on to show that Swagger will no doubt have a big future in the WWE and that Edge has still got it.

6. Hey, Big Show, next time you make an Ultimate Warrior-esque entrance at least do it properly and wear some tassels.

7. Next up was Dashingly Sinister against Double K (Kofi and Kaval) in an outstanding match – possible tag team match of the year candidate? – Kaval’s wrestling style is perfection and his moves totally blew my mind. Even though I’m not Kofi’s biggest fan he really did work great together with the NXT season 2 winner and I hope we get to see them tag up together again in the future. However, I do wish they would let Kaval step out on his own, not lose against the glorified jobber who is Chavo Guerrero and take part in the race for the Intercontinental Championship.

8. For the last few months all the Intercontinental Championship matches and feuds have been exactly the same – non endings, going against the same person for matches upon matches and to be honest nothing exciting ever really happens. So WWE I beg of you please mix it up if you dare with a new champ (Dolph has suddenly turned really boring), new opponents and an all together more exciting experience for your loyal fans to watch.

9. The Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio match was definitely PPV worthy but I can see why they put it as the main event of their second show on Syfy as to entice the viewers into keep watching Smackdown on its new home. I thought their match was above excellent and I hope they continue in this feud for a while longer as I know it can only get better and better each week and definitely won’t go stale.

10. Best Match: Dashingly Sinister/Double K tag team match.
Worst Match:
MVP/Dolph (we’ll ignore the Divas match) because it was too formulaic – come on we need something a bit different, and it can’t be the using Kaitlyn instead of Vickie to let Dolph take the win.
Best Segment:
I’m writing this a few hours after watching Smackdown and for the life of me I can’t recall any segments at all let alone any good ones so i’ll just go with ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre walking together to the ring as they make my heart go a flutter.

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