NBA Jam PS3 & XBox 360 Release Date & Trailer Revealed

After NBA Elite 2011 was pushed back to the Spring of 2011, EA feverishly put the full version of NBA Jam together for PS3 & XBox 360. They have finally dated it for November 16, and it will be $49.99.

It seems as if the local play will be put together completely, but online play will be added to over the course of the year.

At launch, gamers will be able to take on all rivals playing Classic 2-on-2 online^ for the first time ever, measuring their success on Friends and Global Leaderboards. In December 2010, the online features for NBA JAM will expand significantly with several major online features being delivered through a free title update for connected gamers. In December, connected fans will be able to team-up locally and online to compete in Remix Games, including classic arcade hoop games like Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Elimination, and 21. Fans will also be able to make it a Jam Party online by inviting up to 3 friends to play. Plus, gamers will be able to take on the world in Online Progression, levelling up through a series of challengers and secret online JAM Challenges to unlock online exclusive rewards and hidden content in the ultimate quest for global bragging rights.

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