Grey’s Anatomy – Episode 7-7 Review

Wow. Two major developments – and kind of devastating ones at that – in one episode. Thursday night brought another fantastic episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

When the episode began things were icy between Meredith and Cristina, but no one seemed to know why. It wasn’t because Owen won the million dollars over Derek, but Meredith offered to skip Owen’s trauma training anyway. No such luck – the only one who got to skip the exercise was Cristina, who had some trauma of her own to deal with.

Fake Plastic Bodies

Owen’s trauma training took a toll on everyone, since it was taking place in the pouring rain. Meredith managed to make an early exit since Owen sent her to check on Cristina. Next Avery bailed – when Owen confronted him later Avery told him that since two of his friends had died in the shooting, he already knew how “unfair” trauma could be. He didn’t need a lesson. I like what the shooting and the deaths of Reed and Charles have done for Avery’s character. Now there’s more to him than just a pretty boy persona.

The trauma training did a number on April, who refused to give in and ended up having a bit of a freak out. Seriously, I don’t know how it can be possible to still hate this character. She’s hilarious. There’s also a bit of a vibe between her and Alex now, too. They argued during the trauma training but laughed about it at the bar afterward, and there was definitely a feeling there. April really is Izzie 2.0!

Bless the rains down in Africa

The first big news this episode concerned Callie and Arizona. It was obvious throughout the episode that Callie did not want to go to Africa, but I wasn’t sure how she’d get out of it. I thought she and Arizona were in it for the long haul. Then again, I also didn’t really believe that Grey’s would cut two incredibly popular characters. So when Arizona finally told Callie that she was ruining this great experience for her and they should break up, I was shocked. I wasn’t sure they’d go to Africa, but I didn’t think they’d break up.

So now Callie is staying the the States and Arizona has gone to Africa. How will this be resolved? I don’t want Arizona off the show, but I don’t want her to turn down a prestigious grant because Callie was too prissy to try living in Africa either. Maybe she’ll get sick and have to come home?

Buck up, cupcake

Was anyone else bothered by the fact that Mark kept asking women to pick up cupcakes for Callie and Arizona’s going away party? Why did it have to be Teddy, Bailey or Lexie? Why couldn’t he ask Derek? All Derek was doing was struggling to right a grant proposal for his Alzheimer’s thing. (Apparently upon researching the disease, Derek realized that it’s super depressing. No kidding. Well, there was that and the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about Meredith possibly suffering from it.) Or better yet, Mark could have done it himself! Lexie got the cupcakes, but apparently they were sub-par.

Perhaps Mark couldn’t pick up his own cupcakes because he was too busy giving a girl a brand new butt. A huge one. It seemed ill-advised, but once the girl explained that she wasn’t doing it for a dude all was well. The storyline wasn’t my favorite, but it mirrored the docs’ lives in two ways – that Callie had only been going to Africa because it was what her girlfriend wanted, and that Lexie…well, I’m not sure. Basically that Lexie still isn’t over her break-up with Mark, and that she’s still intensely neurotic.

No Air

The major storyline this week was Cristina’s. She was charged with watching the lung transplant guy while Teddy picked up his new lungs, but then he had a bunch of complications. To make matters worse the guy’s estranged daughter was freaking out and Meredith had been sent by Owen to “babysit”. Cristina ended up stepping up and saving the guy, but she made a couple of shocking revelations along the way.

The first was that she blames Meredith for what happened. Partly because Meredith is fine, and that’s hard for Cristina to see. And partly because had it not been Derek on the table she would have been able to walk away. Personally, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that Cristina would have walked away if it had been a stranger on the table. It might have been less pressure, but I believe she would have tried to save the person.

At the end of the episode Cristina quietly told Owen that she knew she could be a surgeon, but she also knew she didn’t want to be one anymore. Cristina had quit.

Can you believe it? I think Cristina will come around eventually, but I don’t know when. As for Arizona, again I have no idea. Grey’s is definitely keeping me guessing this season. And how about April and Alex? Do you want that to happen, or are you still on the meaniepants I-hate-April bandwagon?