WWE Raw Spoilers 08/11/10 – Nexus vs Team Orton, Santino Marella’s Tea Time & More

Raw opens with John Cena in the ring. He brings out Wade Barrett, in his hometown of Manchester, who says that tonight will be a party but he has to deal with Nexus invading Smackdown. There was a loud “Who are you” chant for David Otunga. Barrett has Cena announce Randy Orton, who comes out to the ring. The mystery GM chimes in to announce that Orton vs. Barrett at Survivor Series will be a Submissions Match. The GM also announces it will be Team Barrett vs. Team Orton tonight with Cena as the ref. The GM will pick the members of Team Orton.

Eve Torres & Bellas defeated Maryse, Alicia Fox & Tamina after the Bella pull a switch.

There is a backstage segment with The Nexus.

*The Usos defeat Hart Dynasty. During the bout, DH Smith tries to walk out but is stopped by Natalya. The Usos pin Tyson Kidd after a splash.

*They announce John Cena vs. David Otunga for later.

*A talk segment, Tea with Santino Marella as host, featuring Sheamus as the guest.

They officially announce Old School Raw.

WWE Champion Randy Orton cuts a promo. Miz comes out and announces he’s on Team Orton.

*Goldust pins Ted DiBiase. Aksana keeps Maryse from stealing the Million Dollar Belt.

*John Cena pins David Otunga with the Attitude Adjustment.

*Nexus is going to Smackdown. Otunga vs. Edge. If he doesn’t win he is out of Nexus.

*Tea Time with Santino featuring Sheamus turns into a match ordered by the GM. Sheamus wins by DQ. John Morrison makes the save for Santino.

*Backstage, Wade Barrett tells John Cena that if he comes through at the PPV, Nexus will leave him completely alone going forward.

*The Nexus defeats Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, & R Truth after the Miz turns on Orton’s team.

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