How I Met Your Mother – Episode 6-8 Review

I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s actually happened. Last night, Zoey was still on How I Met Your Mother and I didn’t entirely hate the episode.

I haven’t been a big fan of the character. Hell, I haven’t been a big fan of the show in general lately. But last night, it seemed like everything fell into place. Zoey wasn’t completely annoying. Ted wasn’t too much of a douche. Marshall and Lily faced a legitimately interesting challenge in their relationship. Robin and Barney had a funny storyline that didn’t portray Robin as a pathetic loser.

HIMYM writers? This is what you should be doing every week.

The Captain and Ted Mosby

The whole gang was attending a fancy-schmancy gala at the Natural History Museum, and of all people Ted spotted Zoey there. Even better, it turned out that her husband was a hilariously pretentious old, rich dude who called himself “The Captain”.

Several things helped this storyline work. The Captain was a douche, but in a funny and not entirely unlikable way. He referred to Ted by his chosen name, “Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville”. He raved about his boat and invited Ted to come for a ride. He was a bit mean about his wife, but who wouldn’t be annoyed by someone who carries around a tape recorder?

Zoey was still annoying, but in a funnier sort of way. She took Ted aside and started crying about her horrible life as a trophy wife, but it was all a ruse to get him to trash GNB on tape. Gotcha! Then when Zoey overheard Ted defend her to her husband, she decided to destroy the tape and beat him fair and square. I like that Zoey is turning into a respectable adversary (and a real person who Ted could actually be friends with) rather than some pesky chick with a floppy hat and no sense of humor.

What I really love is that this story development actually made me want to see Zoey again. And I want to see The Captain again. And I loved how Ted dealt with the situation – he showed signs of the old, sappy Ted but also showed some backbone. I feel like Ted is finally heading in the right direction.

He Is Marshall

Meanwhile, Marshall dropped a bomb on Lily when he revealed that he actually kind of liked working for GNB and planned on signing a 5-year contract he’d been offered. I loved this storyline, because it was funny and touching – something How I Met Your Mother used to be really good at. Lily felt he was selling out and missed the old Marshall, the one who “ate sandwiches” and wanted to save the world. Marshall wanted to make money so he could provide well for his family. Not exactly hateful intentions.

The scene where Lily imagined seeing “College Marshall – Extinct” as a museum exhibit was hilarious. Lily was disappointed, but she realized that Marshall hadn’t changed in the ways that mattered. He was a good guy and a good husband, even if he had changed. And as we found out from “Old” Ted’s voiceovers, Corporate Marshall will eventually become extinct too.

Barney’s Baby Daddy

Barney and Robin’s storyline was probably my favorite of the night. What started as a funny subplot ended up revealing something huge at an unexpected time.

Robin didn’t buy Barney’s story that he’d knocked down the blue whale as a kid, so the two started one-upping each other by touching museum exhibits. I figured it would either lead to one of them completely destroying the event, or maybe a hook-up, but instead it ended in Barney discovering who his real father is.

After the two got caught by security for their shenanigans, they ended up in an office where Barney could prove that he had actually knocked over the whale. The security guard pulled the report and read off that 6-year-old Barney Stinson had in fact knocked down the whale. His father had signed the form – a man who Barney had known as “Uncle Jerry”. His mom had been mad after the incident and “Uncle” Jerry hadn’t come around anymore.

Barney told Robin he wasn’t going to do anything with the information and asked her not to tell anyone, but obviously he’ll eventually have to track down his dad. So here’s my question – who should play Barney’s dad?

Did you like the episode? Did it help you warm up to Zoey a bit? Here’s what else I loved about the episode:

  • “You look gross when you cry, you know that? Some women look cute. You look like a basset hound.” – Ted to Zoey
  • Kyle McLachlan as “The Captain”. Amazing.
  • Ted and his Saturday crosswords.
  • Ted whispering inappropriate things in the museum because of the weird architectural thing that made people on the other side of the room hear them.
  • Robin carrying around a stuffed penguin.
  • Barney dressed as a mummy.
  • College Marshall being jealous about Corporate Marshall’s improved bedroom performance.
  • Robin and Lily’s dresses.
  • There was a guy wearing a monocle.