The Amazing Race 18 Spoilers: All-Star Teams Revealed

After the All-Stars competing on the next season of The Amazing Race left for Sydney, Australia from Los Angeles last Saturday, the race fanatics from Reality Fan Forum have completed the list of spotted teams that will be appearing on the show. The 18th (and second All-Star season following season 11) season will premiere next February. The current season is in the final four stage and will air its finale next month.

From the current season only one team will appear in All-Stars – Gary and Mallory, sixth place finishers. By the looks of the other All-Star choices, many key teams from recent seasons are missing which include reality power couple Jeff and Jordan, former Miss Teen USA contestant Caite and her boyfriend Brent as well as the always hilarious trainwreck couple Nate and Jennifer from season 12.

Another popular team missing from the list is Brooke and Claire from the current 17th season. Seeing as they haven’t been eliminated yet and are still in the race, this could be a clue that they could possibly be the first all-female team to win the race. Since no other winning teams were cast in the 18th season, it seems unlikely producers would pass up putting Brooke and Claire back on the race unless they had previously won. It’s nothing near a sure thing, but the odds that Brooke and Claire are The Amazing Race 17‘s winners just increased drastically.

The cast is disappointing, but with a pool of contestants only ranging from post-All-Stars season 11, the choices were limited. The complete cast list is-

  • Kynt and Vyxsin (Season 12)
  • Ron and Christina (Season 12)
  • Amanda and Kris (Season 14)
  • Kisha and Jen (Season 14)
  • Jaime and Cara (Season 14)
  • Margie and Luke (Season 14)
  • Mel and Mike (Season 14)
  • Flight Time and Big Easy (Season 15)
  • Zev and Justin (Season 15)
  • Jet and Cord (Season 16)
  • Gary and Mallory (Season 17)

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