10 Thoughts Review on Spider-Man nemesis ‘Osborn 1’ by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Emma Rios

1. Norman Osborn is captured after Dark Reign, so what’s next? Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios examine from different perspectives Osborn’s fate.

2. Peter Parker is here dealing with his new romantic interest… and she’s unlikable and obnoxious. Every time I get the current Spidey supporting cast in other books, I’m happy I don’t read that line.

3. The politicians unsure what to do with Norman since he’s clearly insane and they can’t have a guy this dangerous getting out on an insanity plea is great. A secret facility works fine.

4. Norman’s studying of then crushing the spider in his cell is interesting and likely foreshadowing for when Spider-Man has to get involved. I hope they take Osborn away from being Lex Luthor and return him to being Norman Osborn soon.

5. The art here has great detail and emotion, really fitting the tone of the book.

6. I don’t believe in a lot of the conversations in the book. They don’t have a natural flow whatsoever, but the motivations make sense and the plot is good enough to forgive it.

7. I don’t see why the villains in this secret facility are so special in any way from those on the raft. Surely someone like Crossbones belongs in this facility. The cruel guard, though cliche, isn’t a bad touch.

8. The seemingly nice priest who’s a part of the goblin cult? That’s just too contrived.

9. I get that Frontline is a valuable narrative tool to contrast against the Daily Bugle, but good lord is their whining about journalistic ethics constantly

10. Rating: 7/10. I struggled with the rating here. This is certainly good, but inconsistent. There’s an idea here I’d like to see explored, but I’m not sure I trust the execution yet. This gets another issue.

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