James Gunn’s Super Gets Foolish Release Date

A day after Super premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival’s “Midnight Madness” in September, IFC Films picked it up.

For two months fans of writer-director James Gunn (Slither) have wanted to know when would get a release. Over Thanksgiving weekend, IFC let it be known that the offbeat comedy starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon would arrive in theaters on April 1, 2011.

In Super, Wilson stars as a normal guy named Frank who decides to become a crimefighter when his wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a drugdealer (Bacon), taking on the identity of the Crimson Bolt and agreeing to let a young overzealous comic shop employee (Page) to be his sidekick Boltie. Together, they fight crime in the most violent manner imaginable.

During the SCREAM 2010 Awards a second R-Rated clip made its debut. You can watch it below:

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