Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Superstars 12.23.2010: Laycool, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Usos

1. Zach Ryder vs David Hart Smith
– David stars off early with a nice delayed suplex. Zach comes right back by kicking the ropes while David was trying to get back in the ring and a top rope dropkick. Ryder works on the midsection with a abdominal stretch and body scissors. Smith is able to come back with a nice belly to belly and some clotheslines for a two. Ryder goes for the rough rider but Smith reverses it and hits the Saito suplex for the win.
Winner: David Hart Smith

NXT Season 4 recap

2. The Usos vs Yoshi Tatsu and Darren Young
– Usos don’t have Tamina with them at ringside. Lots of new fresh matches on this week so far.Yoshi and Darren look good at the beginning until the Usos make a blind tag and hit Yoshi from behind. After taking a beating for several minutes, Yoshi hits the Enzugiri and makes the hot tag to Darren Young. That’s short lived when the Usos make another blind tag and hit the Alius(Double team Samoan drop) for the win.
Winner: The Usos

Raw rebound about John Cena coming back and Vickie Guerrero.

3. Laycool vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly
– The announcer put over that Laycool are bruised and injured.Beth and Kelly work on Laycools back and ribs. After a commercial break, Michelle comes back with a Belly to Belly and just mocks poor Kelly Kelly. Kelly rolls up Layla but the ref doesn’t see it. Layla tries to tear out Kelly’s hair by stepping on it. Beth makes the hot tag and Layla goes in a fetal position. Michele accidentally hits her own partner with the Yakuza kick and Beth hits the Glamaslam for the win.
Winner: Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly

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