24 Movie Script A Dud For Fox

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that a script that would bring 24 hero Jack Bauer (played for eight seasons on television by Kiefer Sutherland) to the big screen has not pass Fox’s musters and the project will not be greenlit.

Billy Ray, who has written films such as Shattered Glass, Flightplan, Breach and State of Play, wrote the full-length script that would see an entire day in Bauer’s life condensed down to a two hour movie.

The news that Fox has passed on the script comes from longtime showrunner Howard Gordon, who remains hopeful that the film will eventually get made.

Tony Scott (Unstoppable, True Romance) has shown interest in taking over the project. Personally, I’d rather see Jon and Al Kaplan, two composers who wrote a musical based on season two of 24, take over the project.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly