Were Money No Object on Jan. 5 with DC’s Fraction & Marvel’s Atlas

I didn’t write a column last week because absolutely nothing came out that I could write about.  This week, the pickings are also pretty slim, although there are a couple of titles worth discussing.

Books I Think You Should Buy:

Fraction TP

by David Tischman and Timothy Green III; DC, $17.99

This was a part of the DC Focus line, a short-lived and too strange to survive group of books that debuted in the early ’00s, the best known of which was Hard Time.

Fraction is about a group of friends who find an Iron Man-like battle suit one night, and split up its parts between them.  Much misadventure ensues.  The book was lighthearted and fun, with great art by Timothy Green III, who should be much busier in comics than he appears to be.

My original review of the series can be found here.

Atlas Return of the Three-Dimensional Man

by Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, Chris Samnee, and others; Marvel, $16.99

Speaking of series that are too good to survive, it was sad to see that Jeff Parker’s third try with the Agents of Atlas group (not counting the X-Men and Avengers mini-series).  I can see how pinning the whole thing on the 3D Man (formerly Triathlon, the character with the ugliest costumes in Marvel history) didn’t exactly drag in the crowds.

It would be redundant to say that this is a well-written book, as it is written by Jeff Parker.  The art for these issues was mainly by Gabriel Hardman, who also does a very good job.  The fact that these two have me reading the Red Hulk is proof of what a great team they are.

I hope this collection does well enough that Marvel lets them have another crack at Atlas…

So, what would you buy Were Money No Object?

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