Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! 01.07.2011 — Alberto del Rio, Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett

Well, the card for tonight is fantastic on paper (not to mention taking place in my home state)…but I wonder if it can deliver what was promised. Either way, the show starts with Edge entering, but before he can even remove his sunglasses, Kane is entering as well. Oh, I guess we’re kicking this off with a bang, as the Last Man Standing match is up right now.

Bell rings, and off we go. Kane immediately has the upper hand, even with a quick counter by Edge. Kane is ejected from the ring, Edge thwarts his many attempts to climb back in. The ref is counting, but Kane is up at 8. The two continue the battle outside of the ring, and Edge is down after being thrown into the barricade. They move up the ramp, Kane throwing punches, and end up backstage. Kane still in control, as Edge is thrown about (and hitting the cameraman at least once), they move up some stairs back to the crowd. They climb the stairs, into the concession area, and Kane is down. Back up, but limping after Edge. Kane sees a deserted stairway, leading downwards of course, and grabs a fistful of Edge’s hair. He plops him in a wheelchair, precariously placed near the action but Edge rolls out before the chair is wheeled down. But hold the phone…


We come back and they are right outside the ring once more, Kane taking apart the announce table. Kane thrown into the steel steps, down for 9, but both men are back in the ring. Edge to the top rope, knocked down mid-air by Kane. Kane starts to rally, goes to the top rope, Edge rolls out of the way, DDT from Edge, both men are down. Back up, Chokeslam from Kane, ref counts…up at 8, using the ropes. Kane throws Edge into the steel steps, picks up the top step and removes it, picks up Edge, who fights out, counters so Kane falls back-first on to the steps. Kane gets up at 9, and promptly falls back down. Kane Chokeslams Edge through the announce table and the counting begins once more…up at nine and a half. Kane grabs a bunch of chairs, throws them in, grabs one for himself, goes to the top rope, Edge throws a chair at Kane which incapacitates him, uses a chair on the giant’s legs, Spear position, connects, places a chair underneath his leg, attacks with a chair. Counting…almost up at 9, but falls over at 10.

Grade: C+
Well, what a way to kick off a Friday night. Was it extraordinary? Hell no. But god damn, I was riveted the entire time. There was a great balance of action, so that it wasn’t too much, and wasn’t boring. My only complaint is that I wasn’t there to experience it live.


The announcers are table-less, as they discuss the upcoming Intercontinental Championship match. Dolph enters, Kofi enters.

Here we go. Kofi goes nuts, attacking Dolph, who counters with a solid kick to his head. Kofi to the top rope, misses Dolph, who regains control as a result. Both men slow it down, with a submission, and then start to trade minor offense, Kofi takes control, Boom Drop, signals for TiP, misses, Sleeper locked in. He fights out, SOS from Kofi, for a two count. Kingston to the top rope, Ziggler to the top rope, too. Goes for Superplex, Kofi tosses him away, tall crossbody for three.

Grade: D+
Was this match a bit short? I’m not sure. It was all pretty abrupt, and nothing too exciting happened, which is odd because Kofi defeated Dolph with ease…I’m still scratching my head on the logic behind this one.

Dolph attacks, and Vickie grabs the mic. She cashes in the rematch clause, and here we go! Dolph goes insane, attacking Kofi, Trouble in Paradise all of a sudden, rolls him over, for three.


Vickie and Dolph backstage, arguing over her calling for the rematch. And then decide to break up. Thank you, god.

Raw Rebound…then backstage to Kelly and Drew.

Up next, Cody, Drew, and Show will compete to be the number one contender for Edge’s strap. With the tension between Cody and Show, my money’s on Drew. We’ll see.


Show out, Cody out, Drew out. About to go underway when Vickie appears. She makes it a Fatal Fourway, and announces Dolph. Is it too late to change my vote? Well, here we go!

Mayhem already, Show clears everyone. Show and Ziggler go at it, oh, for only a moment. Show is still the focal point, laying everyone out one by one. Goes to pin Dolph, Cody breaks it up. Drew can’t get back in the ring to save his life. Cody and Dolph work together against Show, only to be thrown from the ring. All men are outside, Show and Drew going at it, Drew shoves him into the ring post. All three heels throw Show into the barricade. All four are down when…


Come back with Cody and Dolph fighting. Cody goes to the top rope only to be launched by Drew outside of the ring, into Show. Drew and Dolph, Cody reappears. Show is back up, nearly killing Drew. Show gets revved up against Cody, Spinebuster to Dolph, taken out by BARRETT! Who attacks Show, goes to the top rope, drops an elbow, and retreats. Beautiful Disaster from Cody, pin for two, Dolph in, Zig Zag for another two count, Drew Futureshocks, another kickout. Drew to the top rope, thrown out, Dolph tricks Cody into teaming up only to Zig Zag him for three!

Grade: B
I loved this. Set aside Big Show’s tough guy shtick, everyone looked great. With Dolph’s late entry, and Barrett’s interaction, I loved this immensely, and can’t wait to see Dolph against Edge!


LayCool is in the ring when we return, Kelly’s obnoxious music picks up.

Michelle goes after Kelly’s knee, Kelly hits one of the few offensive maneuvers that she can hit where she can’t do anything to mess it up, gets distracted during her finisher, Faithbreaker, and it’s over.

Grade: F
So terrible. I hate Kelly Kelly so much, I might cry. It feels redundant to insult her in the ring.

Both ladies assault and humiliate Kelly post-match, only to have Drew come in and save her. He orders them out, and tends to Kelly. I don’t get this angle…like, at all.


Main event time! Alberto is announced.


Reyburt makes his way out now, and we’re ready for the first contest.

Fall # 1

Alberto in control, cutting down all rallies from Rey. Until a hurricanrana into 619 position, rolls out, Cross Arm Breaker, Rey taps. Well, that was quick.
Winner: Alberto del Rio


Fall # 2

Rey is, of course, on top, but wait, del Rio gets the upper hand. He is tossed out of the ring as del Rio gloats, unaware that Rey landed on his feet and Rey is back with a hurricanrana. Cross Arm Breaker again, reversed into a pin for two. 619 position, del Rio rolls away, rolled up for a pin.
Winner: Rey Mysterio


Fall # 3

The game winning match here, as both are tied. Alberto throws Rey across the ring, into the corner for an attempted pinfall. He goes for the mask, but Rey knocks him off from the top rope. Rey stands, headbutt and both men are on the ground. Rey throwing his best tricks, but Alberto goes after the arm again. Rey with the most epic DDT—made great by Alberto’s sell—for two. Rey again to the top rope, but gets hung up on the ropes, upside down. Solid kick to his abdomen, Alberto attacking the arm once again. Both men are right outside the rope, Alberto gets hung up in the corner for an interesting 619, falls outside of the ring, Rey to the top, takes out Alberto and Ricardo, and the ref starts counting. Rey rolls Alberto in, but when he goes to roll in second, Ricardo clutches on to his legs, keeping him out as the ref counts to ten, unaware of what is happening.
Winner: Alberto del Rio

Grade: C-
Much too quick for the first two, which I can’t decide whether that is good or not. The finish was very interesting, however, and I enjoyed most of it thoroughly.

Rey stares down Ricardo, chases him, but both are now on opposite sides of the ring. Boom, he’s got him and attacks. He throws him into the ring, dropkick, 619. Points to Alberto, and it’s all done.

Well, WHAT a Smackdown! Which, I knew it would be, because I had the chance to go, but had another engagement. So, from the sheer fact that I missed it, I knew it would more than likely be one of the best Smackdown’s in recent months. And, it was. Next week, we get Barrett against Show. How does Wade go from the leader of Nexus and fighting Randy Orton, to showing up on Smackdown against Squash Master Flex? Oh well.

Credits roll.

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