Were Money No Object on Jan. 12 Featuring Sixth Gun

January’s always a quiet month, but it seems that I could only find one new book coming out this week to highlight.  That means you have to go get it…

Sixth Gun Vol. 1: Cold Dead Fingers

by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt; Oni, $19.99

I didn’t really like Bunn and Hurtt’s Damned, about demonic mobsters, but thought that Sixth Gun looked really good when it was solicited.  Also, Oni made the entire first issue their contribution to Free Comic Book Day this year, so there was never any doubt that I’d read it…

The Sixth Gun is a Western, but one filled with magic.  There are these six guns that a Confederate general had used to create all manners of mayhem during the Civil War.  Each gun has a different ability – one makes its owner immortal, another brings the dead back to life as muddy homunculi, and so on, although it is the sixth gun, the general’s own, that holds the most power.

Basically, the General’s widow has some Pinkertons out looking for that last gun, as is a mysterious man named Drake Sinclair whose interests are opposite those of the widow’s.  They find it in the possession of an old preacher and his daughter.  When the preacher dies, his daughter picks the gun up, not knowing that it would bond to her soul.  Now Sinclair, the girl, and Sinclair’s friend are on the run from the forces of the resurrected General.

The story involves the promise of treasure, lots of scenes set in Civil War prison camps, a Thunderbird, and a ton of other good stuff.  Hurtt’s work looks better than it ever has, and the story unfolds at a good pace.  I was really happy to see last month that this series is running as an on-going, and that we’ll get to learn more about this interesting world that Bunn and Hurtt have constructed.

So, what would you buy Were Money No Object?

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