Lights Out – Episode 1-1 Review

Lights Out’s pilot does a great job setting the premise and giving a taste of what’s to come. Five years ago, Patrick Leary (Holt McCallany) lost the title bout in a controversial split decision and retired due to his wife’s urging. Now, saddled with debt, brain trauma, and lingering regrets over his last fight, Leary must find his way back.

There’s nothing too innovative or shocking in the pilot, but the pilot is rock solid from beginning to end, introducing Patrick’s brother, his father, his wife, and showing the violence he can inflict on others. At the end of the episode, we see that Patrick will return to the ring to fight Reynolds. Will Lights climb out of the hole?

So is Theresa British or is Catherine McCormack just terrible at an American accent?

Score: 9.0/10