Southland – Episode 3-2 Review

While “Punching Water” has the gritty plot, a lot of the character stuff is just annoying. Tammi and Dewey have been around since the first season and they haven’t changed one bit, staying as the characters who cause trouble for other characters
With Tammi, it’s an “are you kidding me?” moment when we learn some other guy got her pregnant, but then again, she’s proven time and time again that she’s crazy and just a load of trouble. Hopefully Sammy ditches her this time. The writers have gone down this road time and time again–what more are they looking for?
Similarly, I was miffed right from the beginning when Dewey shows up. For Pete’s sake, get rid of him already! He also acts like an idiot, rarely does good police work, and is annoying as how. How could stay on the police force with his record and behavior, and why are the writers keeping him?
Sally, the woman in the convertible from last week, is like the official police chaser and takes photos with all the cops she’s been with. However bad that may sound, Ben has absolutely no problem with that for the time being. 
Score: 8.5/10