Top 10 Heroclix of DC Arkham Asylum

10. Harvey Dent – 67 pts.

The Bat Ally Harvey is excellent. He begins with shooting from 6 away with Stealth, Outwit and Willpower, being sure to make his 2 Damage stick. When based, he then offers 18 Defense and Flurry for a real way to be difficult whether based or not. He can then Exploit Weakness to get through defenses when hit and even throw in some Mastermind for a bit of longevity- a cost effective killer.

9. Per Degaton – 90 pts.

He will be pushed to click 2 where he sports a 19 Defense (flier so he carries and makes it 20 at range) with 6 Range, 9 Attack and 2 Damage. All of that screams hard to hit but not much else, so he’s a support piece… which, of course, he is, with Outwit and Probability Control. So, do you risk hitting a 20 to get rid of Outwit and Probability Control or just deal with it and focus on the other 210 points? That, my friends, is what we call a catch 22.

8. Batman (Sinestro Corps) – 208 pts.

I refuse to play him due to his lack of ever appearing in a comic, but I’ve played against him enough to know how annoying he is. Free Smoke Cloud every turn with Stealth top dial, Running Shot, Outwit, 4 Damage (6 with the Super Strength), 10 Range, 2 targets and Invulnerability with 17 Defense make him one of the better top dials in all of clix. Gotham Keyword gives him options to play with, and someone far higher that he shares that keyword with takes away his (well deserved) fear of over-pushing. He’s all but unstoppable until you catch him, although once he’s caught, or if he’s facing Stealth, he’s far less threatening.

7. Nightshade – 50 pts.

A Transporting Mystic with Barrier and Smoke Cloud that does 2 Damage, along with Mystical, Shadowpact, Suicide Squad and Spy. She’s essential, as anytime you can damage a figure without rolling and change what they can do (forcing pushes and such) is awesome.

6. Arkillo – 126 pts.

He’s the main reason that until further notice SinCorp is the best of the various Corps. 126 pts for Charge and Flurry with Super Strength and Exploit Weakness, when on theme with Lyssa Drak who has TK and Perplex (to get Attack to a 10) means either 5 penetrating damage or 8 full damage on click 1. 18 Defense Invulnerability is just icing, as is the 8 Range which makes keep away tough, especially if he’s carrying a Tombstone. The 3 Damage lasts until the very end of the dial and is paired with Flurry, Steal Energy, Toughness and Free Barrier, the last of which is especially useful for the 1 click it overlaps with Quake. Fnally, he finishes with 4 Damage Exploit Weakness and Steal Energy… and Willpower. On SinCorp pair with BN Scarecrow, and Lyssa Drak, and there’s plenty to use with Brute.

5. Batman (Lamppost) – 120 pts.

Besides some Defend, he’s without defensive powers, although Indomitable as Willpower should count, as should Batman Ally granted Stealth, but that’s not the point. The point is, early in games, the Detective, Gotham, JLA Batman is a support piece who Outwits and shoots for 3 Damage from 6 Range, then Charges in to Flurry and Finish off weakened pieces. That free Smoke Cloud pre-token is just a bonus to this beast of a piece.

4. Gotham City Detective – 27 pts.

27 pts for the Enhancement alone is pretty good, but adding PD really puts him over the top, lowering defense. Willpower adds a nice bonus after click 1 and he’s good tie up after the Enhancement goes. He fits on a ton of teams, theme or not, thanks to that awesomely cheap cost.

3. Metron – 195 pts.

A world class piece, Metron is an 8 Range, 18 Defense Impervious Phaser who can avoid Pushing and Outwit thanks to Quintessence. Outwit, Probability Control and Perplex or Support make him an amazing support piece who can still deal 4 Damage and, in a pinch, use Psychic Blast or Pulse Wave, risking 1 damage in the process. His second place finish, with Thing, at GenCon, is proof enough of his quality that I don’t need to go on and on.

2. Question – 37 pts.

37 pts for either Outwit or Perplex (opposing only), 10 attack, 6 Range, Stealth, Willpower and 2 Damage is awesome. If she pushes, she can do 3 Damage thanks to Close Combat Expert. At the cost, the options are staggering, and she’s nearly must play for Detective, Gotham, and Martial Artists.

1. Edward Nigma – 60 pts

A Batman Enemy with 10 attack, Outwit and Enhancement would find use, especially with Mastermind, but the ability to pass tokens back and forth practically breaks the game. Attacking every turn with a tentpole really makes a huge difference, especially from range, and that his Outwit makes those Penetrating and Enhancement adds 1 to Damage at the same time really puts him over the top.

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