New Justice League Unlimited JLU Figures Leaked On eBay! (Heat Wave, Gold Face & Evil Star)

JLU fans are a fickle bunch (me included), all we want are new figures, and to be able to walk into Target or Toys R Us and find them. Well, if ebay seller wwjlee is to be believe, we will have 3 new figures added to the JLU Universe, aside from all the ones that were announced at SDCC this past summer.

wwjlee’s ebay shows off Heat Wave, Evil Star & Gold Face, all members of Lex Luthor & Gorilla Grodd’s Legion on the TV show. Also shown are many new upcoming figures, including Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Angleman, Guy Gardner, Toyman and many more!

One other think I’d like to point out is that Heat Wave & Angleman’s weapons appear to be molded into the hands of the figure, something that I think is a great design choice going forward.

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