Being Human – Episode 1-1 Review

Unlike the remake of Shameless, Being Human is not an exact copy. The basic premise–vampire, werewolf, and ghost living together–is the same, but there are plenty of subtle differences that between the Canadian version (Before you go blaming Americans for another remake, check out who produces the show–it’s a Canadian company!) and British version, notably the addition of Josh’s sister and more detailed mythology (in the pilot at least).

However, there’s nothing about Being Human that jumps out at me. The highs and lows of the original, buoyed by crackling dialogue and unbelievable chemistry, are non-existent in “There Goes the Neighborhood,” a muted hour of television where we see the characters, watch them interact, and go through the motions.

I’ll be sticking around until the end of the season, so hopefully the show can expand far beyond the confines of the original and gain the necessary intensity.

Score: 7.6/10