Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 01.18.2011 – Conor O’Brian, Derrick Bateman, Daniel Bryan, Byron Saxton, Chris Masters, Ted DiBiase

Welcome to NXT, fellow ringinites, the show where you are guaranteed not to hear John Cena utter the word “poop”. We have standards here, folks. And by standards, I mean a guy who thinks he’s a rat. I’m your enjoyably cynical recapper, Jonah Kue, and we’re about to witness the second elimination of the season. Predictions? Hold ’em. We’re about to start.

So, we’re rolling into a video package that showcases the comings and goings of Season 4 ’til now. I’m still in awe of this rat angle that O’Brian is milking…excuse me, cheesing. Not sure what’s more surprising: the fact that this is probably having Vince rolling, or the fact that I’d be surprised that this is having Vince rolling.

Theme song, Katy Perry single, and shots of our television-friendly audience brings us to Matt Stryker introducing us to the rookies and pros. We’re in the process of our first immunity challenge in a game called “How well do you know your pro?” Basically, the pros are asked a question, and the rookies try to guess their answer.. Johnny Curtis is apparently such a charisma vacuum that Stryker almost forgot to include him in one of the rounds. Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan are hilarious as Bateman’s been getting all of Bryan’s obscure answers right. Bateman ends up winning and stays in the lead of immunity points.


Byron Saxton vs. Chris Masters

Ex pro vs. ex-rookie? Nice touch. We start with a lock-up with Masters getting the upperhand. Masters follows with a shoulder block and a hiptoss. A bodyslam on Saxton. Masters and Saxton going on a slap-off, which the former wins. They both roll out of the ring, and a distraction by Ziggler lets Saxton get a good shot on Masters. Back in the ring, Saxton hits a modified jawbreaker on Masters for the nearfall. Saxton puts on a chinlock until the eventual Masters elbows are countered into the armbreaker that Saxton has been patenting as of late. It gives him a nearfall. Back to a chinlock on Masters. You can tell that Saxton being in a match every week has helped him. Masters backs Saxton into the corner, then follows it up with a Samoan Drop. Masters hits another shoulder tackle and a few clotheslines. Masters hits a Sky High (2 weeks in a row for that move) for a nearfall. Saxton fights back with a boot to the face and a clothesline from the second rope. For a nearfall. Saxton runs into the corner, but Masters moves out of the way and locks in the Masterlock for the win.

Winner: Chris Masters by KO

Backstage tension between DiBiase and Brotus Clay. Then, a bit more tension between DiBiase and Maryse. That kid just don’t get no breaks, now, does he?


Ted DiBiase and Brotus Clay vs. Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman

You know, Bryan and Bateman have really grown on me. We’re starting with Bateman and DiBiase. Lock up, and DiBiase hits a bodyslam on Bateman, as one of the announcers (Josh Matthews) finally admits that DiBiase isn’t winning the Rumble. With all this frank commentary, this must be the show Vince schedules the sponge baths over (you’re welcome for the imagery). Another lock-up, and DiBiase hits a clothesline, only to miss with an elbow. Bateman gets a nearfall. Bryan gets tagged in and hits a dropkick for a nearfall. Bryan hits a hammerlock, only to get whipped and clotheslined by DiBiase. Brotus gets the tag and hits a bodyslam/elbow drop combo for the nearfall. DiBiase gets tagged in. He hits a bit of token offense for another nearfall. Clay gets tagged in again. DiBiase whips Bryan to the corner for Clay to hit the running splash. Clay hits a snapmare and a shoulder vice on Bryan. Ziggler does the obvious thing and grabs the mic, taunting Bryan. I love that kid. Bryan eventually fights out, only for Clay to catch him in a fallaway slam. DiBiase gets a blind tag, which causes more tension. Oooooh. Dream Streak reversed and a double clothesline. Hot tag to Bateman, who hits the clotheslines and gets a nearfall. DiBiase gets up and hits a boot to the face. DiBiase tries to tag in Clay, who gets a bit peeved and refuses to step in. This allows Bateman to get the rollup on DiBiase for the win.

Winners: Bryan/Bateman via pinfall

Any thoughts on where Teddy’s losing streak is leading to?


Raw recap. I’ve gotta say, the linear progression of both Nexuses (Nexi?) have been interesting to watch. Honestly, the inevitable Rumble clash will be interesting, but I hope they dare not take it further than that.

Backstage pep talk with Truth and Curtis. Who?


Conor O’Brian vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

So, we’re going to push this potential Superstar by having him….face Del Rio’s announcer. Who trips on his way to the ring. And announces himself. Okay, that last part was actually funny. So, basically, this is Conor O’Brian picking apart Ricardo Rodriguez. Think Steve Blackman/Shane McMahon. O’Brian exposes a turnbuckle, pushes Rodriguez against that corner, then misses a running splash and gets knocked into that exposed turnbuckle. Rodriguez picks up the win.

Winner: Ricardo Rodriguez via pinfall

Guess we’re pushing the right people.


We’re back for the elimination. Bateman is immune. And it seems that loss to Ricardo Rodriguez really hit home. Conor O’Brian has been eliminated. His farewell speech gets interrupted by Rodriguez, and I wish my bilingual skills were a bit more polished. O’Brian chases Rodriguez to the back. He comes back to tell the other rookies they suck, makes an Elvis reference, and rolls underneath the ring.

As the new generations says, we out.

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