Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 1-15 Review

In television, it’s refreshing when characters make permanent decisions. Stealing $10 million from police lockup was a permanent decision–that is, until it mysteriously reappears and everything is fine. And that’s the problem with procedurals, the unwillingness to take a step forward and instead of introducing a new mystery, planting down a foot and forcing people to make decisions. Right when McGarrett figured out the $28 million was the target, my mind jumped to The Shield and all the problem and fateful decisions that arose from the money train, but of course the situation resolves itself without any consequences.

The plot of “Kai e’e” is ridiculously easy to predict. Would the writers allow a tsunami to hit Hawaii and create a mess? No. Since the signals were messed up, someone must be messing with it in order to fake a tsunami, triggering an evacuation which would allow easy theft.

The writers went overboard with the technology illiterate Danny bit. It’s not like anyone was saying anything super-technical, but each time Danny has to stop them and have them repeat it slowly.

The fiancee issue was brought up again, and it looks like Chin Ho will get back together with her soon. Kono would be unhappy with that, not knowing that it was in fact Chin Ho who broke off the relationship. However, I don’t understand how Chin keeping that a secret supposedly protects her.

Score: 8.4/10