Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! 01.21.2011 — The Corre, Edge, Dolph Ziggler

Well, now that my houseguests are gone and I have control over my own television again, I am able to write this. A two-hour program has essentially taken me 48 hours to watch, as I’ve picked up bits and pieces since Friday. I hope it was worth the wait!

Wade Barrett is going to kick things off with his gang of minions. He claims that their actions will now be a group effort, under the name “The Corre”. One by one, they introduce themselves, and re-selling themselves to the crowd. But, Teddy Long interrupts, to remind them of his authority. Apparently, there are no leaders in The Corre, and they offer to align with Teddy to make Smackdown into something big. But Teddy threatens them, if they contribute any shenanigans. The ground rules have been laid, but they’re not done yet. Alberto makes his way out. He informs them that Smackdown is his show, and that he’ll win the Rumble.


Alberto del Rio enters, R-Truth enters. Definitely one of the stranger match-ups, but here we go!

They charge, Truth is cornered. Truth counters a string of offense with a wicked clothesline. The fight finds its way outside the ring, and quickly back in, Truth still on top. But wait, we cut to backstage with Teddy Long unconscious and the officials checking him out. Back to the match, both men to the top rope, Alberto getting stomped.


Finally, Alberto gets the reversal, quickly working on Truth’s torso. Slow it back down with a submission hold, Truth rallies, but Alberto knocks him down. Backstage again, Teddy is being taken away on a stretcher. Back to the match, dropkick from Truth, but a SOLID kick from Alberto that echoes through the stadium. Once more, after Truth builds up, Rodriguez distracts long enough for del Rio to inflict some damage on Truth’s arm, hits the Cross Arm Breaker and Truth taps.

Grade: C-
Was a pretty good match, but it kept breaking away for the Teddy story, which was kind of a buzzkill from what the two were doing. But I enjoyed it.

Most of the Smackdown roster are backstage to watch Teddy taken away in the ambulance, and it drives away.


Come back, and the Corre faces Dolph and Vickie backstage. They claim they had nothing to do with it. They offer their services to Vickie, and she requests that one of them faces Edge tonight.

A quick Royal Rumble video package.

656 Superstars have competed.
39 eliminations by Shawn Michaels.
26 Hall of Famers that have competed in the Rumble.
183,932 lbs…the combined weight of every entrant ever.
2 women have competed—Beth Phoenix and Chyna.
11 people eliminated in a single match, by Kane.
Rey Mysterio stayed in the ring for 62 minutes, 12 seconds.
Santino Marella stayed in the shortest time, at one second.
Stone Cold has won 3 Rumble matches.
Entering at number one has the same amount of victories as entering at number thirty.
70% of Rumble winners have gone on to win their awarded matches at Mania.

And now, you know!


Time for some LayCool. Layla will be the competitor, against Beth Phoenix.

Little Layla is attacking, but Beth brings back the spinning maneuver I loathe so much, but then effortlessly tosses Layla across the ring. Layla is working on the right arm of Beth, and locks in a submission, but is lifted straight up by Beth and dropped hard. Beth gets fired up, throwing several kicks, but is favoring her arm. Goes for Glam Slam, connects, for three.

Grade: C+
I honestly enjoyed this. Beth is amazing, and I’ve come to look forward to Layla’s submissions. It wasn’t as short as most Diva matches, but could have gone a bit longer, in my opinion.


Reyburt makes his way out. Cody next.

Bell rings, Cody pounces on the leg of Rey, working on it consistently. Rey’s knee brace is exposed, and Mysterio’s quickness gives him the upperhand outside the ring, driving Cody’s face right into the steel steps. Back in, Senton from the top rope for a two-count. Springboard, for another two. Cody reverses, Rey regains control, Cody in 619 position, connects, for three.

Grade: D+
Honestly, I was very happy with this match…except the length. I feel like neither man was able to shine, and the match had the possibility to erupt. But it never really got off the ground, and then suddenly it was over. Such a shame.

Update on Teddy Long: Interrupted by Alex Riley. And there’s the champion. He’s here to share his greatness with everyone.


Backstage, Cody is being looked at by officials, with an apparent broken nose. I think he might explode.

Next up, an Amateur Wrestling Challenge. Obviously, Swagger enters. Followed by Kofi.

Three minutes, and here we go. Swagger has a takedown immediately for two points. Another takedown from Swagger, Kofi with two points for escaping each takedown. Another takedown from Swagger, and escape from Kofi. It’s 6-3, Swagger. And another two, somehow. And another two points…jeez, I look down for a moment and miss a takedown…Kofi escaped, then took Swagger down. Time’s up and it’s 10-9, Swagger.

Grade: N/A
This was very different, and I don’t feel I can properly grade this.

Jack attacks after the match, but Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise, then hits a crossbody.


“Despite Michael Cole, we are still doing well on Smackdown.” –Matt Striker

Trent Barreta enters, Drew McIntyre. You know, I’m not Trent’s number one fan, but it’s kind of cool to see him break out from Thursday  nights for a real feud.

Drew is very obviously angry, pouncing on Trent. Trent hits some excellent offense and takes the control away. Drew snatches him off the top rope, flips him over, and gets the victory.

Grade: D
Obviously conveying a message here, and perpetuating the storyline, but with the quality of matches these two have given, I would have liked to see a little more.

A brawl ensues immediately after, Kelly walks out right as he’s about to deliver the Futureshock. He puts him down, and Kelly stares at Drew. She goes to help Barreta, and sends Drew away while shouting at him.


We’re back with The Miz! He makes his way out to the ring. He informs us of just how awesome he is, and shows a recap from Raw of his attack on Orton. Edge interrupts right before the “-some” of the catchphrase. Edge wants a fight, but Miz walks away. Riley starts to shout, but meets a Spear instead. Miz’s jacket is off, he storms the ring, but stops, and retreats.


Edge still in the ring, Corre enters. Incidentally, why do they spell it that way? It seems like an extra-douchey thing to do. But wait, Vickie’s voice is heard. Dolph will be on color tonight. Who will face Edge…J-Gabe.

Bell rings. Back and forth, reversal after reversal. J-Gabe apparently in the lead, cornering Edge. But not for long, as Gabriel is tossed from the ring.


Somehow, he’s back in charge, leaving Edge on his back. He’s in 450 position, but Edge rolls away. Justin leaps from the top rope but Edge counters…and both men are down. J-Gabe is raped by the ropes, and they move outside the ring, with Corre looking on. Edge to the top rope, but is met with a kick from J-Gabe. Both men to the top rope, Superplex position, but Edge is fighting. J-Gabe knocked down, Edge with a big crossbody. Crazy eyes, Barrett distracts, Slater attacks, big Zeke too, J-Gabe takes advantage and the ref counts to three.

Grade: B-
You don’t get to see Justin Gabriel in real singles action very often anymore, so it’s always a treat. But I liked the chemistry between the two, and thought the finish was powerful, but still subtle.

Corre surrounds Edge in the ring, and they begin their one-by-one attack. (Sidebar: J-Gabe’s deranged smile gets better every week…I love it!)

Their arms are raised, then they retreat.

Dolph approaches the ring, standing over the fallen star, places his foot on Edge’s abdomen and the credits roll.

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