Chuck – Episode 4-13 Review

“Chuck Versus the Push Mix” succintly wrapped up the Volkoff arc and boy am I glad it’s over. Every season thus far has had some kind of spy-related thematic connection tying the episodes. The first season was Chuck figuring out what’s going on, the second about Chuck deciding who he wants to be, and the third a look into the darker side of the spy world.

The fourth, however, really doesn’t have much in terms of the spy business. Briefly, it was touched on that spies can fall so far into their undercover roles that they become different people, but that was instantly scuttled with the resolution this week. Sure, it can be attributed to the initial 13-episode order and the planned series finale, but regardless of intent, the overarching theme and plot has been extremely weak.

If you care about plot, Chuck and Co. devise a wacky plot to take down Volkoff and it succeeds with surprising gusto. There are plot holes everywhere, but they don’t govern the episode as they did last episode. More importantly, “Chuck Versus the Push Mix” crafts a nice resolution for every character. Chuck and Sarah are back together and Chuck proposes, Morgan, Alex, and Casey are happy with each other, Ellen is finally out of Volkoff’s grasp, and Ellie delivers the baby. Pair those conclusions with some Jeffster, and things are looking up. The only thing missing from the episode is Scott Bakula.

While “Chuck Versus the Push Mix” is generally a good episode, I have mixed feelings on the season. If, for instance, you’re watching the fourth season on DVD, the first 13 episode would seem quite awkward and incomplete–without knowing the full story about the writers planning it to be a possible series finale

Score: 8.8/10